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Apr 9, 2011
Aug 23, 2010
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Apr 9, 2011
    1. Dezza Laa
      Dezza Laa
      Hey there buddy,

      Well I'm geussing you're looking at creating a team more like my PhD team right?

      Well I did write out how I came to that team. I had a core of 3 Pokemon that fed off each others weaknesses, much like a FWG core.

      After that you really do need a weather check, whether that is Rotom-W for Rain teams or Gliscor for Sand teams. They could also be both your core if you wanted. Just find something else that works with that core.

      Next you MUST have a status absorber/abuser. Roobushin/Conkeldurr can abuse Burns and stuff like that. Rankurusu/Reuniclus on the other hand just absorbs it and takes it on board.

      This generation it is also a MUST to carry a Dragon + Fighting resist. They are the crux of the metagame right now. The only dragon resistors are Steel Pokemon, which are also immune to the likes of Poison, so they can switch in on Toxic and do what they need to do.

      If you need anymore help just give me a shout!

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