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May 28, 2016 at 5:15 AM
Jul 6, 2008
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from somewhere but nothere

is a Forum Moderator
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May 28, 2016 at 5:15 AM
    1. Celever
      54 likes on one post O_O
    2. nerd
      This is a reminder that the Round 1 of the XY giveaway contest ends tomorrow.
    3. Celever
      Here is a link to my profile page http://www.smogon.com/forums/members/celever.160100/ and Crux said he thinks smogon needs a break from NOCs judging from how PC++ MK mafia went but he will approve my Super Smash Bros. Mafia in like a month, so you can add it to future games. It also might be a good idea to add the Mario Kart Mafia...
      1. billymills
        He told me he rejected it. Can you ask him to clarify.
        Aug 24, 2013
      2. Celever
        Well he rejected it for now, but he said if I show it to him again in around a month's time he will approve it. He thinks Smogon should go on a hiatus from NOCs for a while but he said the planning looked fine.
        Aug 24, 2013
    4. moi

      I fucking suck
      1. billymills likes this.
      2. billymills
        Aug 20, 2013
      3. moi
        Check my replay from last night to see why it happened.. I choked so hard at the Bowser fight (and I clipped through it at some point but that's also not a big deal)

        This all could've been avoided had I lost not two minutes on Ricco 2 X_x
        Aug 20, 2013
    5. WaterBomb
    6. moi
      1. billymills
        Jul 14, 2013
      2. moi
        best image hoster noob
        Jul 14, 2013
      3. billymills
        send me the file
        Jul 14, 2013
    7. Acklow
      Can you lock the signups thread for my game pretty please? Thanks! :)
    8. Pocket
      "I've yet to see a manga with good animation." TOUCHE

      also fuck recaps >:[
    9. Lavos Spawn
      Lavos Spawn
      your concern is touching and i wholeheartedly agree with your sentiments towards pocket
    10. Matthew
    11. Crux
      do you have zorbees on fb?
    12. Goku1992ESP
      billymills, I edited my team and I would like to be on "Page 1" in order to people can help me, would you mind giving me some suggestion, please?
    13. Raseri
      so no, ive never seen it before. Except when actually playing the game. ahhh this is weird
    14. Raseri
      what what what why does it have my name
    15. Jellicent
      I'm drunk ;-;
    16. blarajan
      Saw your post in the anime thread, saw you've been watching some of the gambling ones. Good stuff, and all I've seen...I've been stuck, trying to find any more that may or may not suit my fancy. I agree--Zero is a bit weak, but that's because the schemes and games and puzzles...are kind of retarded, and juvenile.

      If you are indeed looking for any more that may be fun to watch / read (since you've gotten to the best ones already), you might like Shoubushi Densetsu Tetsuya (Legendary Gambler Tetsuya)...I rather enjoyed the anime. Likewise, a good manga for you might be: Ten - Tenhōdōri No Kaidanji. Akagi is a main character in this manga...what this means is (since the Akagi anime stopped and the manga isn't quite scanlated) Akagi ends up surviving everything. Unfortunate spoiler that comes from knowledge of Ten, but it's a good read anyways.

      Enjoy, if you have time!
    17. Nyron777
      hey umm when im making an RMT how do i set it up so that my sprites are in a line. like this

      Garchomp, politoed, tornadus, etc, etc cause when i do mine its always horizantal
    18. Lanturn314
      I have not, and I haven't talked to morm in months so idk about him :P
    19. Mekkah
      buffymilfs do you still need that rby/hgss/dppt guy on your OL team?
    20. Proto Man
      Proto Man
      thank you. ^_^ I promise it won't happen again!
    21. Proto Man
      Proto Man
      hay man. sup?

      my little brother pulled a prank on me when I forgot to sign out saying that trc was taking over the canadian group.

      I have no idea on how to delete discussion, so could you please give me (a fellow Canadian) a hand on deleting the discussion my little brother posted saying about a takeover?
    22. imperfectluck
    23. Gmax
    24. LightWolf
    25. jumpluff
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