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May 22, 2010
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Apr 6, 1996 (Age: 20)


when I get to the bottom, I go back to the top of the slide, 20, from Prague

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    1. Furai

      look at him goooooo on the dancefloor~
      he's amazing on the dancefloor
      when he movessssssssss swag i want more
      keep it going quag cos i gotta have moreeee

      he got me saying

      oh and it's crystal but who gives a shit
    2. Furai
      atleast use the silver quagsire it's much better
    3. Furai
      it's like foul play

      only with fair > foul
    4. Furai
      bitch playing dirty
    5. Furai

      me>you my mence FUKS urs
    6. Enroyalle
      who is this n000000000000000000000b
    7. peng
    8. Smith
      also since I promised you i'd flip through the bible and find somethings to craft a band name out of, here are some passages you could work with. I don't know what a good metal band name sounds like so I won't offer suggestions but I'm sure there's 2-3 good ones in every verse.

      Genesis 4:9 "Am I my brother's keeper?"
      Job 38:15 "But from the wicked the light is withheld, and the arm of pride is shattered."
      Psalms 12:2 "Help, Lord, for no one loyal remains; the faithful have vanished from the human race"
      Psalms 36:2-3 "Sin directs the heart of the wicked; their eyes are closed to the fear of God"
      Matthew 25:41 "'Then he will say to those on his left, "Depart from me, you accursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels."'"
    9. Smith

      and yes
    10. Windsong
    11. Smith
      look at my round 1 opponent
      now take pity on me
    12. undisputed
      haha thanks dude. If I don't quit I'm taking a big break m playing in anything but major tournieS
    13. Eggbert
      A. do homework
      B. falchat

    14. -RatCheesy
      I tried learning how to play the drums when i was like 16 and idk why i stopped but its so much fun!
      Awesome I'm gonna have to download lamb of gods new album when it comes out.

      Last month I went to see Ronnie Radke's new band Falling In Reverse, man it was such a beast concert!
      December 15 I'm going to the As I Lay Dying concert at the House of Blues, and their touring as their tenth year anniversary (DECA).
    15. -RatCheesy
      damn bro i can't believe those fuckers finally got banned haha. Why the heck didn't they ban them earlier. Drums are awesome, how long you've been playing?

      Finally you got The Powerless Rise its fricking sweet! An Ocean Between Us is most likely my favorite album, it speaks to me.
    16. Pedrock
      Hey, we hav to battle for Home Field week 2, and as I'm the home player, we will be playing OU.
      When can u play??? I can play even now, if u are still online. =]
    17. -RatCheesy
      its going good bkc!!! how's pokemon and everything else going for ya
    18. Basti
      merry christmas
    19. Mike Legend
    20. Eggbert
      Yea it's annoying to build teams around, I just slapped it on my dual screens team over Nite. It's obviously not as a good, but it doesn't get revenged by scarf Terrakion and Rotom who beats everything.

      I have tried that set a long time ago but hp fire Latias as a lure. I guess this could be the opposite, something like Terrakion wouldn't mind the dead Scizor. use focus blast, live life on the edge.

      Yea that gliscor is an asshole. It's like garchomp except that no one takes it seriously. That or scrafty is what I'm thinking. (Maybe dragon tail nite to rack up hazard damage that scrafty likes?)
    21. Harlot
      wow bkc ur still on this girl?

      just tell her u want to fuck her in the ass, easy
    22. Smith
      I just realized I told you to "give her a ring" and by this I mean contact her via the telephone, do NOT propose to that poor girl
    23. Eggbert
      killing and death, shocker! That will probably go well with something like Haxorus.

      Wow really? So I have you to thank for that.

      Heatran is just the best lure ever, except maybe ttar. dark horse is similar to standard sand in some ways, Ttar / Zor / Rotom-W / Tran / Nite. Anyway I want to find something with really good potential that is really overlooked. PS. DD Latios, yes, you read correctly, is a beast because only scizor can revenge it and it destroys its common switchins.
    24. Eggbert
      haha yes that will be the title! or my little bodom. (what is a bodom anyway?)

      Ugh scarf rotom is on every team now due to Apocalypse. I might try sub hp grass tran as a lure or just use DD gyara or something. maybe even the same team since alot of dark horse mons are used in BW like spD zor and mixtar.
    25. Eggbert
      No! maybe i'll do a satrical version of bodom and ponies to commerate the contrast of falchat

      I can't do bulky offense in BW... BW pretty much boils down to either volt turn, stall, or ho
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