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Black Buddha
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Oct 24, 2016 at 2:50 AM
Jul 17, 2008
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February 1
bread > other food

Black Buddha

from bread > other food

Black Buddha was last seen:
Oct 24, 2016 at 2:50 AM
    1. doraerawr
      I'll get on this weekend!!
    2. Don Honchkrorleone
      Don Honchkrorleone
      Happy Birthday!!!
    3. Layell
      no worries it was really funny, made my day!
    4. Cartoons!
      hey BB, what's that word again?
    5. doraerawr
      That's good to hear. :) How's uni treating you? Partying hard, right? :D
    6. doraerawr
    7. comatthew6
      Hmmm...thought we did. Anyways, yes, I played GRFS pretty religiously until my friend and I started hating each other so I stopped playing. Also because I started trading on TF2 a lot and I'm starting to roll into a bit of $$.
    8. comatthew6
      We've had this conversation before.
    9. Zebraiken
      We've got to play for the NU mini-tour. I'm on IRC all the time, or you can just VM me.
    10. SalTheThief
      26 gunpowder in 45 minutes.
    11. doraerawr
      Okay the area around the nether portal is clear, but there's one lava column left on the far side that I'll get to in about an hour or so.
    12. doraerawr
      Yeah I've been working on it, almost done. How did the lava get there anyways? ._.
    13. doraerawr
      PM me when you get on, I have some ideas for the dining room/office for our house!
    14. little gk
      little gk
      hello there! i'm probably the one who took your tools. i meant for my house to be a bit of a treasure room after tnt in a couple of spots before the chests. I put the picks i think i took in the bottom right of the tool chest, but grab more if you think i took those too i guess. Sorry, I completely forgot froks messed up the map transfer and didn't realize until i read your post u.u
    15. doraerawr
      No griefing, just TNT'd up. ^_^
    16. doraerawr
      Shrug, it's a temp server

      They didn't, but we're kind of in crisis-management atm, because forks forgot to dl the backup, and the only backup he has is filled with TNT traps that me, sal, shi, and sy put in. so we're in the process of removing those.
    17. doraerawr
      From what I've heard, the Aussies just blew up our guild area on the temp server. No big deal, imo.
    18. forks
      the old ip server has been restored to normal, and the nether/end will in fact be transferred!
    19. Rawbi
      That's a cool idea! I'm going to do test runs before the actual video, so I'll give it a try.

      Not sure when the recording is going to take place.
    20. tennisace
    21. Stylish Interval
      Stylish Interval
      No problem! If you want a copy of Convict Conditioning, I have a PDF I can send you (or you can google it if you want haha). It's apparently really good (reads like hype though) and I'm going to actually start reading it tomorrow! I hope you keep up with your fitness; not far from ottermode :D
    22. mtr
      Also, I have a bluetooth, but not sure where it went lol. Gonna look for it.
    23. mtr
      Yeah it is haha.
    24. mtr
      Yeah sure. PSN = kanpur

      Btw, I know it sounds sorta like "camper", but my dad made the name, not me :)
    25. pie cream
      pie cream
      Alright, thanks!
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    Rip Smogcraft :pirate: | scarfmonster, pashmino, cashmerecle on PS!


    February 1
    bread > other food
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    Loves to eat
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