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Aug 29, 2010
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Sep 26, 1994 (Age: 23)
    1. Ronintoadin07
      My opponent hasn't responded to any of my messages
    2. HQuaze
      drop me out from vgc tour pls
    3. Cosmogmogburger
      Blarajan, I've tried to organise with my opponent but he keeps not showing up. Now I can't seem to contact him at all. Please see both of our profile pages. Cosmogmogburger (me) and ChristianDeputy (opponent). Please help.
      1. blarajan
        post in the thread
        Feb 16, 2017
    4. Issa L
      Issa L
      hey blarajan ive been trying to contact my opponent Doriki but hasnt responded
    5. arich0308
      Sadly, I am going to have to ask you to drop me from the VGC Tour. I just have too much going on right now. I hope to participate maybe in the future. Thanks.
    6. Wilyweavile
      Hello, I wanted to thank you for that homework assignment thread in the VGC team building forum. As someone brand new to the doubles scene in general, I was very lost on how to start conceptualizing team building. After seeing that I am starting to get a much better idea of how to do this. Thank you again.
    7. Cosmogmogburger
      Been trying to contact you but I won the last game but the results on the brackets page is wrong! Please help me. Both me and my opponent reported that I won for round 3. Please respond.
    8. DeltaVGC
      Would I be considered dropped if I didn't submit a team for this week? Because my name wasn't on the pairin's
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      2. DeltaVGC
        Gotcha! And no problemo.
        Feb 14, 2017
      3. DeltaVGC
        Thanks for gettin' me back in!
        Feb 25, 2017
      4. blarajan
        np :D
        Feb 25, 2017
    9. solariiii
      Hey, can you please drop me from the vgc tournament? thanks in advance!
    10. Gotheru
      Drop me from the VGC Tour, please
    11. HNBL
      Drop me from the vgc tour please
    12. Arturo Pérez
      Arturo Pérez
      Hi, blarajan. Can anybody see my team?, my opponent for third round told me my team seems good and we play at Saturday, so... how can I check his team and be sure my opponent uses the team he registered?
      1. blarajan
        You can't see anyone else's team
        Feb 4, 2017
    13. ChristianDeputy
      Hi, my opp for round 2 said I could have the win for our battle and I have 2 losses on my score. Can that be changed please? Thank you.
      1. blarajan
        link post or where that was said please
        Feb 2, 2017
      2. ChristianDeputy
      3. ChristianDeputy
        I've noticed that I still have 2 Ls on my score. I asked for that to please be changed as my opp said I could have the win and never came back to organize another battl, if he wanted to battle
        Feb 17, 2017
    14. AleK97
      Hi My opponent Northbridge post "Absent until 3th" i Can Call extension no problem, But i cant play in 3,4 th for family problem And i cant play in 5th because i've a MSS.
      I dont want To win for activity Call if is possibile But i dont want lose for activity Call When My opponent Goes for 8 days, i think we need more exension if He return in The 3th
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      2. AleK97
        Ok thanks! I report in his profile
        Jan 30, 2017
      3. AleK97
        We can guarantee , we play 7th at 9Pm
        Jan 31, 2017
      4. AleK97
        Jan 31, 2017
    15. wisdom dog
      wisdom dog
      sorry i havent had internet for about a week so couldnt say this until now, im dropping the vgc tour
      1. blarajan
        Jan 30, 2017
    16. Renny_
      Can you drop me out from the VGC tour? ty :)
    17. Serapis
      Yo, Blarajan, you posted the Round 3 pairings as "Round 1 pairing"
    18. Gotheru
      Hello, my Google Chrome bugged and deleted all my teams. Now I'm trying to see my tournament team but the password does not work, could you send me back, please?
    19. Ameno
      I'd like to drop from the VGC tournament
    20. Scotch Ty
      Scotch Ty
      I didnt realize team submissions were in eastern time , im central can i have till 1230 to finish my submission
    21. DKmeester
      Hello Blarajan !! I have contacted my opponent twice (jan 15th and jan 19th) telling my availablity (kinda flexible with a free weekend) and I got no answer till yesterday. However it was kinda late for me. I couldn't play yesterday at all. I have seen his message just some minutes ago. I don't wanna drop. What's gonna happen in that case?
    22. Sopheon
      I'd like to drop from the VGC tour please
    23. Genesis7
      Please drop me from your tour if I can
    24. BubblyCath
      My opponent PrinzessinTimTim has not gotten back at me after I dropped him a message on January 18. He hasn't been online since January 11.
      1. blarajan
        you got the win
        Jan 25, 2017
    25. MiyoKa
      drop me from vgc tour please
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