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Aug 29, 2010
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Sep 26, 1994 (Age: 21)


Rest in Bling, Male, 21

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SHARK ATTACK Apr 4, 2016

    1. Woodchuck
      (22:45:30) +blarajan: stop insulting auth.
      (22:45:47) Woodchuck: blarajan
      (22:45:53) Woodchuck: 'autistics' doesn't have an 'h' in it

      for the enjoyment of the viewers of your VMs :3
    2. Diana
      Thanks, I saw it and knew it was too good of a combination to resist too!
    3. Shining_Latios
    4. Shining_Latios
      ?? what did u put?
    5. Ningildo
      Around the weekends I'm available, GMT-4.
    6. Bartman101
      Yo, Blarararaahh, we has to battle 4 round 2 of limited time only tourny, INIT!

      My timezone is like, GMT, and I is available 5-8:30pm weekdays, and 3-9pm on Weekends, INIT! Also as early as 1pm on weekends if absolutely no other option, INIT!

      What time and day is good for you, INIT?
    7. AndViet
      Haha, Lol.

      Last Activity: Oct 31st, 2011 4:01:51 AM

      Damn nigga sleep.
    8. HSA
      K coming, was afk for a while
    9. HSA
      Hey are you home right now?
    10. November Blue
      November Blue
      Hey blarajan!
    11. HSA
      VCX, and I'm still not done. (Honestly didn't expect to get out of octos)
    12. Davy Jones
      Davy Jones
      I'm available to play right now if you'd like.
    13. reyscarface
      play bluewind you john
    14. Bluewind
      That's in 1 hour right?
    15. Davy Jones
      Davy Jones
      If you want to play this evening so you can finish your Tour matches first, that's fine with me. I should be around.
    16. Smith
      and I wanted to let you know that if you ever want to give mine a whirl I'm always available
    17. HSA
      I'm kind of occupied today/ most of tommorow with a debate tournament. However, I just checked, and I should be back at about 7 and able to play
    18. Bluewind
      Uh I don't know, I'll try I guess.
    19. San_Pellegrino
      are you harvard bound?!
    20. Davy Jones
      Davy Jones
      Pretty much any time in the afternoon.
    21. HSA
      Hey wanna play in about 15 minutes?
    22. Davy Jones
      Davy Jones
      Saturday is cool with me. Is there a specific time that would work for you?
    23. HSA
      Well I'm gmt -5 and am usually able to play anytime between 6 and 10 pm. School's (basically sports) been a bitch tho, and I'm knee-deep in work so I don't think I can play today
    24. XxVincentxX
      Oh, well, sorry, someone else should have take my place :L
    25. XxVincentxX
      Hey sorry about the late reply, i was a lot busy this last two weeks. For the sessions I am free every week, between 6PM And 8PM. For the week ends, it will be more complicated. I am at my mom's house 1 week end per two and at my dad's house 1 week end per two. My mom always go out week ends so when Imma be at her house I won't be able to connect myself online. Precisely, this week end I can not log in and the other week end (after the one coming) I'm going to see my cousin &shy;>< . That's all I can say for the moment I'll tell you more for in three weeks if I'll be okay to log in (I think I will). Still every week's days I am able at the times I said earlier.

      lol sorry if I am a bit complicated or if I made mistakes on my formulations, I'm french.

      See ya and again sorry for the late reply.
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    Sep 26, 1994 (Age: 21)
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