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Mar 5, 2014
Sep 2, 2009
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from Mexico City, Mexico

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Mar 5, 2014
    1. kokoloko
      Don't worry I was unable to make it on IRC last night because of work also, so you didn't miss anything. Sorry for making you wait lol
    2. blaziken662
      Ok, i'll try to get online ASAP, but it's highly probable i'll be on at noon. If you wanna talk to me in another time then i can type u my e-mail or Skype if u want.

      Thanks again and have a good night!
    3. kokoloko
      Just go on mibbit.com to use IRC without any downloads. The network is SynIRC and the channel is #genvuu.

      I've already logged off for the day, but I'll be around a bit tomorrow, so just join the channel and see if I'm on whenever you get the chance :)
    4. kokoloko

      You have been assigned to me for Battling 101, which means I am officially your BW UU tutor. My schedule is kind of awkward at the moment because I work a ton and SPL sucks up a lot of my Smogon time, but we can try to work around that.

      I see that we have similar timezones, which should make things a bit easier (I'm GMT -5). I'd like to begin our sessions by meeting on IRC and taking in real-time to try to figure things out a bit. Are you familiar with Smogon IRC?
    5. Maloman
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    501 Joint Fighter Wing Corporal Blaze "Gandarlf"
    Long live Empress Cygnus!​


    Mexico City, Mexico
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