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Nov 26, 2014 at 4:11 PM
Sep 1, 2011
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August 29


E U N J I Oct 13, 2014

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Nov 26, 2014 at 4:11 PM
    1. LizardMan

      I am sorry I missed you last night. I had a rough day and went to sleep early. >_<

      Hopefully I can find you really soon.
    2. OneTeD
      Ok it's cool , today to 11 Am ?
    3. Sunbeam
      Sorry I have been busy these past few days. Starting tomorrow I should be free so when I see you on PO, I will contact you. Also I hope you had a happy thanksgiving =].
    4. Foster
      Ok I'll look for you tomorrow or this weekend, what times are you usually on?
    5. Foster
      Hi, when are you free to play for the tutee tournament?
    6. Sunbeam
      Sorry I wasnt on earlier. I had some internet problems =[. When your not busy or anything, tell me so when can battle =].
    7. LizardMan
      Even since tutoring is over, I will still help you. I know Zephyr would want me to, so I will respect his wishes. You are cool.
    8. LizardMan
      Hello Tiffany, how have you been? Would you like to try building a team or something on PO? (:
    9. Agammemnon
      Hey, ok for BW UU !I'm GMT+1, available 7-12pm during the week and slightly more on weekends.
    10. blarajan
    11. blarajan
      That was Aldaron =(. Unnecessary signature.
    12. Yamata no Orochi
      Yamata no Orochi
      Because Yamata knows best
    13. Sunbeam
      Sorry I wasnt available earlier today, was unexpectedly busy D: Mind if we battle on Sunday?=] Tomorrow I would definitely wont be available for most of the day.
    14. Sunbeam
      Yes, friday is good for me =]
    15. Sunbeam
      It is my choice but I pick BW OU so its the same thing lol. Im usually available around 7:00-midnight gmt-4 so let me know when you wanna battle =)
    16. Sunbeam
      Did you read my earlier VM? =] Not trying to rush you, just wanna know if you wana battle earlier or during or week. So if I'm annoying =[
    17. Xelx
      I will be on Smogon Server all the day as Judas.
    18. LizardMan
    19. Sunbeam
      Hello we have to battle for HomeField Advantage. It's not our week yet but getting this done the sooner the better ,no? Tell me when your available to play and stuff =]
    20. Ruppy
      And my name on SU is Ruppy, same as my forum name.
    21. Ruppy
      OK, I'll see you on there. :)
    22. Ruppy
      Hey Tiff. Since it's Friday and today's when you said you'd be good for battling, I'll be online all day so just VM me whenever you're ready to go (or if there's a specific time frame you want me to meet you) and let me know what server to meet you on (I'm not going to assume SU just in case) and we'll do this.
    23. Xelx
      We have to battle for the HomeField Advantage. You have to tell me the tier. When we can battle? I'm GTM -6.
    24. Go10
      Are you there ? I'm on Smogon, i'm waiting for a long time and it's already 1am here.
    25. Ruppy
      Hey, we're opponents for the next round of the Type Reduction Tournament II, and the deadline's Saturday night. I'm GMT -4 and I'm available to play all day today, Friday, and Saturday. Wednesday I won't be available until after 4 PM and Thursday I won't be available until after 2 PM. Let me know when's good for you, and best of luck to you.
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