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Sep 1, 2014 at 10:01 AM
Sep 1, 2011
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August 29


AYY LMAO Jul 7, 2014

BLINGAS ♥ was last seen:
Sep 1, 2014 at 10:01 AM
    1. Rewer
    2. VN.
      booty professor tanner
    3. KidChameleon
      Hi, i'm your week 7 opponent ( HFA ), i'm the home player, so i chose to play BW Uber, when are you available to play ?

      I'm usually here in the evening (GMT+1), i read that i can find you under "Tanner" on IRC, if you have BW Uber team ready, i can come to you, even today
    4. Brap
      Yo. We actually have to battle this week. I could really do with you giving a set time frame you are on, on Sunday and Monday.
    5. Pedrock
      Still wanna play? Come on PokeBeach.
    6. Pedrock
      Hey man, when do u wanna play for Random Tour? I'm GMT-2 btw.
    7. Nachos
      You Only [IMG] Once
    8. Lavos Spawn
      Lavos Spawn
      i like being a potato
    9. complete legitimacy
    10. Brap
      When can you battle?
    11. Fiction.
      i guess u got the BIG part right..
    12. Faint
      is that you in your avatar? i hope cuz you're fucking HOT
    13. Brap
      Hello again. This time we have to battle for home stadia advantage. I'm home. I chose BW2 OU.
    14. Fiction.
    15. Fiction.
      had to order one from amazon now UGH... bet u i'll get lucked and it will suddenly go out of stock
    16. TGMD
      Thanks for clarifying why you didn't respond to my VMs and such in the thread. Sorry about all this.
    17. TGMD
      Sorry dude but I requested the win over you. I hope you understand as we really needed this done before my holiday and you were online multiple times since my VM but didn't reply and then a same scenario for my second VM. Again, really sorry, I g2g now :(
    18. TGMD
      Hey Tiffanyy, it's been very difficult for me to get on for long periods of time on this holiday, even more difficult than I thought it would be :| Also, I don't have Skype or PO on this comp (it's not even my comp, lol) so I won't be able to contact you on either of those places, I'll probably VM you on here when we're both online and I can be on for a long enough period of time to get these battles done.
    19. TGMD
      Ok, that's good to hear, can I have your timezone so I have a better grasp on the timeframe you'll be online. Also, if you send me a VM or something and you see that I'm online but I don't reply, that'll likely be because I'm just checking Smogon quickly on my itouch or something, that'll happen pretty often, as me being able to be online for long periods of time is going to be a very uncommon occurance when I'm on this holiday.
    20. TGMD
      Ok, I've got to get offline now, so I'll try to battle you sometime in my holiday. Please tell me what times you can be online and I'll try to get online then, it is going to be 10x more difficult to get this battle done on my holiday though :(
    21. TGMD
      Tiffanyy you're not answering my VM :( I'm just reminding you that this is the last day before I leave for holiday and it's going to be incredbily difficult for me to battle when I'm on my holiday. Again, when can you battle?
    22. TGMD
      No, I don't :( When can you play though?
    23. Funkasaurus
      I see it, I see it
      And now it's all within my reach
      Endless possibilities
      I see it, I see it now
      It's always been inside of me
      And now I feel so free
      Endless possibilities
    24. TGMD
      Hey Tiffanyy :] We're opponents for round 2 of Smogon Tournament #9. I'm GMT + 13:00 and I can be online almost all day. Some time in the next 4 days would really be preferable though, because I'm going on holiday in 5 days and although I will have internet access it will be much more limited, sorry for the inconveniance.
    25. Demist
      Hey Tiff, you want to get this done now? I'm rather busy all day too, so battling now would be really helpful for me
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