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Sep 25, 2017 at 3:48 AM
Sep 1, 2011
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August 29


I'd really prefer you'd be quiet. Jul 28, 2015

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Viewing thread Smogon's Official Ladder Tournament IV - Round 4, Sep 25, 2017 at 3:48 AM
    1. LordAizen
      ok, my name is nateshair.
    2. LordAizen
      I can play right now if youw ant.
    3. Darkaxis
      you're a bad bad loser face girl. :(
    4. Squirrel.
      Just whenever were both on im GMT -4 and am usually on from 4-8 pm
    5. Darkaxis
      loserface! how did you find me? are you still going out with Blarajan? after *breaks voice* you turned me down? *sobs*
    6. Zephyr
      ima thug
    7. Zephyr
      you guess? lol gtfo
    8. Zephyr
      That music you were linking me in PM the other night, streetlight manifesto and children of nova? iirc those were two of them
    9. Joeyboy
      Hell to the yeah; Reel Big Fish, Aqua Bats, Streetlight Manifesto, Less Than Jake, The Toasters, Catch 22, The Specials(tons really), you?. Yeah I heard Impression from the Digimon movie too :D also would always listen to the whole Let's Face It album in my older brother's car.
    10. The Wolf
      The Wolf
      :c, maybe the wolf will come back one day :D. I believe in her!
    11. Joeyboy
      Holy shit! Two references to Mighty Mighty Bosstones on your profile! New favorite user on Smogon!!

      Great fucking choice with Rascal King btw, one of my top favs for sure.

      So much respect.
    12. Zephyr

      Your music taste is rubbing off on me a bit...
    13. Furai
      That's my girl, way to go Tiff!
    14. Lady Salamence
    15. The Wolf
      The Wolf
      Ready whenever you are. I am at Smogon Server as the wolf.
    16. The Wolf
      The Wolf
      okay, I won't be online for an hour or so at 6pm my time. After that, it's fine.
    17. The Wolf
      The Wolf
      pretty much what the below vm says. gmt -5.
    18. Robert.
      we need to fight for the adv tour. when are you available? I'm GTM -6 and I can battle at anytime.
    19. Stone_Cold
      yo tiff wassup?!
    20. reyscarface
      the fuck is wrong with you
    21. jessifer
      Can you play for the weather tournament today? I'm online now. Smogon server.
    22. -Manu-
      uber bw on french time now.
    23. dragonboy52
      I'll be on in 5 mins.
    24. dragonboy52
      Hi. We have to play for the ADV OU tutee tournament. When are you free?
    25. Style_Dota
      It was just the flow I was feeling at the time
      You can't always have control over the rhyme
      the rhythm, the melody, the moves and the flow
      all of these things just seem to come and go
      But let me back up girl I'll rewind the track
      and throw out some rhymes that won't make you attack.
      Tiffany, the girl with some swag and some groves
      Too cool to give EVs for her LNT dudes.
      She's bitter bout the time that I beat her with some haxing
      But she knows that its Pokemon so she's just chillaxing
      with some blunts, some cash, the money is her stash
      charm that knock them niggas out, fuck their focus sash.
      Skills in Pokes she knows the ropes to take out all the trash.
      But in the end we know that all she does is get that cash.
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