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Jan 20, 2009
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January 1
    1. Wepwn
      hey man, we're paired for crystal geodude. i'm avail most days after 6pm (GMT -4)
    2. Serapis
      I'm relatively new to competitive Pokémon battling (and even more so to VGC) and I recently noticed the Smogon Mentorship Program. When I looked at the list I saw you, and I was wondering if you'd be willing to help me with my competitive battling abilities? I need some help with improving my team, and maybe a handful of pointers on VGC or just OU competitive play. I hope to hear back from you.
    3. Haunter
      gtfo stalker
      1. Bloo
        lmao; the only way you'd know that I knew that you were viewing that thread is if you stalked me!

        I was very close to posting the old man picture of "you" btw.
        May 10, 2014
      2. Haunter
        lol don't (BAN ME PLEASE)
        May 10, 2014
    4. Diondre Fogah
      Diondre Fogah
      I need help building a team,im pretty alright at playing the game,but my team building still sucks.Having hard time picking the right pokemon that support each other.
    5. cbt
      when do u wanna play for cga
      1. Raseri
        aka when do you want to be destroyed by cbt
        Apr 29, 2014
    6. Kinneas
      Can I have my name back now pls
    7. Haunter
      Hey! You look like a very skilled Pokémon trainer!!!
    8. Merritt
      Bloo, we need to get our mega mania match done. I'm EST, aka GMT-5, and am availible this afternoon from 4 until 7:30 my time. I hope we can battle then.
      1. Bloo
        I did not join that tournament xD; I am just taking over for the host for a few days since he's going on an LoA.

        Your opponent is actually kael, so contact him when you get the chance :)
        Apr 16, 2014
      2. Merritt
        Ah, that explains it. Sorry for bothering you. '>.>

        Anyways, I'd like to request an informal activity win. Although we both contacted each other, he hasn't been on since Monday, so I'm not entirely sure if he'll actually be on in time. Either that or an extension please.

        Apr 16, 2014
    9. Tesung
      Hi when do you wanna play for sneak tour? I am Gmt -4 and most of this week besides today and Saturday is good for me
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      2. Tesung
        Kk I am free all of today and most of Sunday, Saturday is tough
        Apr 25, 2014
      3. Bloo
        Wanna go? I'll be on smogtours as Madara.
        Apr 25, 2014
      4. Bloo
        And if you'd prefer it, since tour is starting in 3 mins, we can play after we're eliminated (if you're competing).
        Apr 25, 2014
    10. idiotfrommars
      Sorry I was at practice when you messaged me on PO yesterday. I'll be around all day today. What times work for you?
    11. Plus
      erection expert extraordinaire right here
    12. Swamp Link
      Swamp Link
    13. CrashinBoomBang
      [09:53:18] <@TRC> i really want to meet mcmeghan

      lol mcmeghan has a cute fan n_n
    14. CrashinBoomBang
    15. captainpokemon
      Hello there, I was wondering if maybe you could be my mentor for the OU metagame? I would really appreciate it.
      P:S Your nickname made me choose you of all the other mentors :P
    16. Cereza
      I'm still waiting :(
    17. TV-Rocka
      You broke my stour record, why you do this to me T.T
    18. McMeghan
      lol that final
      must be the easiest tour run you've ever head holy shit

      (gj on 10th win tho)
    19. MikeDecIsHere
      Hi sexy
      1. Bloo
        Mike !_!

        Too much sexiness in this VM convo dam,,,might get one of those gateway errors Smogon has been having lately because of it n_n; how have you been boss?
        Mar 21, 2014
      2. MikeDecIsHere
        Been good man. Though I've hit the end of the line for my Pokemon playing days I think. Too much real life shit going on 9.9. How about you stud?
        Mar 22, 2014
    20. JuniBoy
      Hey, I was wondering if you can check my team OU team and let me know what can I improve, plz let me know
    21. kokoloko
      lmao well played bloo
      1. Bloo
        I haven't realized just how good your profile is until recently, lol; things like this are too good: http://puu.sh/7A9Om.png

        so is the UU forum and the many instances of mad there and your replies to them!
        Mar 18, 2014
      2. kokoloko
        lol you're welcome
        Mar 19, 2014
      3. Kingpoleon
        Idk. Sometimes his insanity is funny; other times I get really scared and stay away from windows and outside(snipers/drone strikes).
        Mar 20, 2014
    22. Merlot
      Hi there! I was hoping to change my username to Merlot, and it looks like you're the person to ask. It is the name I use on PS, and figured I would try to change the name on my old Smogon account before creating a new one. If this is not possible, or there is some other way I should go about changing my name just let me know. Thanks so much!
    23. Mizuhime
    24. JuniBoy
      Hey Bloo hope you ok man, listen I'm new in here I read all about the tiers and ask some mentors about it, I was wondering if you can help me with OU tier, I speak spanish too, so let me know what u think.
    25. Hootie
      Hi Bloo. I would like to change my name to Hootie or Hootster (if Hootie is already taken) on here since that's my main alt on pokemon showdown and I really don't like my current username (plus it would avoid confusion when referring to myself on PS and IRC) n_n. Thanks in advance! Oh and one more thing I noticed with my account is that my birthday is incorrect. Can you also change it to November 25, 1995?
      1. Hootie
        Thanks so much!
        Mar 17, 2014
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