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Nov 1, 2007
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Apr 24, 2014 at 1:49 PM
    1. Kevin Garrett
      Kevin Garrett
      I'm working with my PEMF biofeedback device almost regularly now that I am with a wellness center. The satisfaction that comes from helping people find relief after sometimes years of unsuccessful standard medical treatment is powerful.

      How is everything for you? It seems like it's been a long time since we kept in touch from your staff days here and project with Wishmkr.
    2. twash
      No longer a teen as of a couple of days and now six foot and still growing, would like to stop!! certainly not old or grown up but actually have plans with life and stuff now and generally just very happy atm :D Just got four months off atm before I start my third year, so travelling to see people a lot but spending a lot of time just doing nothing really. Sounds idyllic, anywhere cool? still werkin' hard?
    3. Lanturn314
      I was conflicted as to whether to comment on your last vm or reply on your wall, and I did the latter because at least we could keep track of our conversations, unsightly as it may be.

      International travel? Awesome! Where do you think you're gonna go? There are so many amazing places in the world~
      1. Lanturn314
        I am... still finishing up my studies -_- It's just taken me a lot longer than I had thought to get back on track. At least I have my 1202713 cats to comfort me!!! xP

        Also, FUCK the 420 character VM limit!!!!!!! -___________-
        Jul 8, 2013
    4. Stellar
      bk randy
    5. twash
      i'm a giant kirbs, how's things?
    6. norulz
      bloo karby
    7. Steamroll
    8. Fabbles
      The big bad BK... we are not even friends on Smogon =(
    9. Stallion
      Big Kirby! I've decided that I don't talk to you anywhere near often enough, you should add me on facebook!!
    10. mikel
      lol, weird story. there was a ban evader called golden kirby who'd keep popping online and spamming. joim remembered there was a guy called "blue kirby", didn't know it was you, and banned with that message while you were offline (someone noticed it was you and unbanned). it was a month and a bit ago.
    11. Steamroll
      bring back old avatar now...
    12. Maniaclyrasist
      What's good bro, long time no see. Whats your Facebook? Lemme Add you.
    13. junior
      hahah for sure!!!
    14. Fishy
      when can we have a movie night for this?
    15. junior
      i'm doing pretty great, lots of changes in my life recently, not even sure where to begin. where are you around these days?
    16. junior
      hi how are u
    17. Cathy
      what happened to wishmkr??
    18. Fishy
    19. Fishy
    20. Steamroll
      still alive bud?
    21. Atticus
      HEY YOU [IMG]

      remember me?
    22. Lanturn314
      Well, the surfing diglett was certainly cute/ridiculous :3

      I'm doing pretty well, too! Just got back from visiting my grandparents, and I'm now making preparations to (hopefully) go back to Hopkins and (finally) finish my degree! If not this semester, then definitely next. In the mean time, I'm just playing Pokemon and volunteering at an animal shelter (so obviously my social life is AMAZING!!! [if you count having a bajillion cat friends as having a vibrant social life, hahahah])

      So, where are you travelling to? Trips often make for good stories :)
    23. TGMD
      Merry Christmas :)
    24. Lanturn314
      ahahaha that's amazing!!! Where did you ever find it? :toast:

      And Merry Christmas to you too! How are you doing, btw? It seems like we haven't talked in forever! :heart:

      PS. [IMG]
    25. TGMD
      Yesss, finally :) I'll teach you a few things about the current metagame that you need to know, and hopefully you'll be ready for wcop next year ;)
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