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Oct 4, 2013
May 23, 2008
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November 22
Location: New York, NY


IF YOU TRULY BELIEVE,, from Location: New York, NY

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bojangles was last seen:
Oct 4, 2013
    1. Houndoomsday
      hey would you mind getting back to me?
    2. Style_Dota
      you were downgraded from a gorgeous ladybug to only a pretty ladybug.

      for shame
    3. Houndoomsday
      hey, i dont know if your the right person to contact for this, but your an admin so i figured you could take care of this.

      could i change my name to hdoom? its not in use and i like it better now. thanks!
    4. NixHex
      I see you
    5. Zechs'
      I'm The Owner of Pokémon Brasil and we start a project that will translate all yours Tier list to Portuguese-BR.
      Since this is a proprety of yours i'd like to ask permition to proceed with our project.
      This would help a lot of people that dont understand English and sure attract more players to both forums.

      Thanks for the attention!
    6. Martian Manhunter
      Martian Manhunter
      Hi Bojangles I was on the tutor page but it seemed all broken and I don't know how to get a tutor could you tell me thanks
    7. AlakaBAMM
      AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love your username. Hahah :']
    8. Blue Kirby
    9. Birkal
      tounch me
    10. Shame That
      Shame That
      13:56 ibojangles i dont reply to many vms lol

      is this true
    11. Theorymon
      Can you get on IRC? Some serious business to discuss.
    12. alexwolf
      Hey, Icecream just finished two more analyses meaning that he now has 8 done and 4 more in the works, so can you post his nomination thread?
    13. Sheen
      Hey Bojangles, I have a question
      What is needed in order to apply for the special application for the Ubers sleep clause?
    14. Tibbs
      Hey bojangles,

      I hope this is the right way to go about contacting you (apologies if it's not!) I've just been looking at the Smogon Mentorship Program stuff, and I thought I'd send you a message just to say hey, and let you know that I'm interested in trying to get involved in the Smogon community. I've been lurking around here for absolutely ages, but always been a bit intimidated when it came to getting involved. Just finished pouring over Issue #27 of The Smog, and by the end I was thinking, damn. I need to get in on this Smogon stuff, haha. I try my hand at a bit of competitive battling every now and then, so I've got a decent idea of how it works. If at all possible, I'd really love to get involved in Contributions & Corrections - I work as an editor part-time (meanwhile studying at university in Australia), and the crisp, precise grammar in everything Smogon produces is always such a pleasure to read! I saw that you used to be the editor for The Smog, and so I thought you might be a good place to start asking for a couple of tips about how to get involved.
      Thanks for giving this a read!
    15. Furai
      hiboss can i post r4
    16. Mizuhime
    17. Sheen
      On the list for the Moody Clause Voting, and can´t post :/
    18. EdgeHead
      I'm on the list for the Moody test as well and can't post
    19. Chirac
    20. Furai

      still relevant
    21. Dubby
      I'm on the list for Ubers voting but can't post.
    22. Santuga
      Hey bojangles, Furai mentioned in the moody clause voting thread: "Clarifying: if you vote to retain, you are voting to not remove the evasion clause."

      I can see the thread, but I can't reply my veredict on it, could you please help me out?

      Thanks in advance
    23. sandshrewz
      ibooooooo where have you been :o
    24. Furai
      the PM melee mewtwo replied to you talks about ubers in general, but i think it's an amazing fit for UPL as well. we really need to solve that shit out asap. im sorry i didnt make it yesterday i wasn't on the computer
    25. Furai
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    November 22
    Location: New York, NY
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    Thoroughly cunning
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    i like friends
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