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Oct 4, 2013
May 23, 2008
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November 22
Location: New York, NY


IF YOU TRULY BELIEVE,, from Location: New York, NY

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bojangles was last seen:
Oct 4, 2013
    1. Furai
      vote :(
    2. Great Sage
      Great Sage
      Come to trivia night.
    3. Yonko7
      is there a way to get the gorgeous ladybug? ;)
    4. Jellicent
    5. Solace
      ready for the elite 4
    6. v
      ps these vms make me look PATHETIC
    7. v
      helo can u pls report tennisase his garchop have and its attack "outrageous" was able to ohko my dragonknight who is bulkie and has over 200 hp and defense also my attack surf missd even though it have 100 accurate! he also used tyrantitar who is banned on the balcklist
    8. Raseri
      ahh these ubers requirements are so hard, I keep peaking at 1900 :(
    9. Mizuhime
      man bojangles, your avi is one of the greatest things I have ever seen in my life
    10. Lady Salamence
      Lady Salamence
      bojangles, sorry to bother you, but you seem to have acquired a [IMG], and since i've not been active here anymore, what is this, is it public knowledge?
    11. trickroom
      Can I join the Ubers Council and only be active after December? Please...I will be nice and not talk about Gyarados then. Jokes, if I am not selected, that's fine :P

      I am interested to join though !_!
      I was voted 'Second Best Ubers Player of 2011' in the latest smog awards
      Played in SPL2, finishing with a 9-1 record (low price but I proved to be formidable opponent, ps: lost only hax in SPL2)
      Am an Ubers QC Member and now a C & C moderator :D
      Destroyed practically every Ubers ladder I've played on for quite a few times, including several ones with Gyarados.
      I was very active on IRC last time, but I will make a return after 6th December.
      Took part in numerous many discussions in Ubers and 2 RMTs entered the archive. The other one ( CBT Classics looks cool I guess ) I love to utilize underrated but useful movesets and I made/popularized some new totally new sets. (Bulky Excadrill, SubLugia, Gyarados, SpD Giratina, LD Cresselia and a few others I forgotten)

      Last, I love Gyarados more than any other Ubers and I generally win much more than I lost with it.
    12. Oglemi
      lol ibo i just sent a pm to both you and gs but i was originally just writing it to gs so i forgot to say hi to you in it too

      /me huggle ibo
    13. Solace
      today in apush my teacher brought up how mitt romney and paul ryan "look good together" and i kept thinking of that tumblr rofl
    14. v
      we should get a league together!!
    15. Vatii
      Well its good to meet you then. I am a long time member of the Serebiiforums about Pokemon but there are very few Uber's players there so for someone like me its a rather depressing place to be =) As you could imagine. So I came over here to Smogon and found a thriving Uber's community. Just thoughts I would get to know the head guy in my favorite field =)
    16. Vatii
      So your the Ubers guy to talk to here then?
    17. T-Dogg
      Requesting an extension for Ubers Open semi's until the weekend. It is unlikely that we will get an opportunity to play before then.
    18. Furai
      Reminder c:
    19. NixHex
      I don't listen to my CDs much anymore. They're scattered throughout my home and since I got my computer (a year ago) I have still barely ripped any of my CDs lol. It's a great album I'm just too lazy to find it >.>
    20. NixHex
      It's at my house somewhere hidden and I'm not there right now ;_; i haven't listened to it in so long. Like, years. Like, before I joined Smogon.
    21. Furai
      oh also can i have my name back...
    22. Furai
      shit just got exciting
    23. Furai
      ibo the council applications open this week right?
    24. Shinxe
      your calls have not gone unheard
    25. Style_Dota
      can I be a gorgeous ladybug as well? :]
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    November 22
    Location: New York, NY
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    Thoroughly cunning
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    i like friends
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