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bro fist
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Apr 23, 2017 at 8:09 PM
Aug 16, 2009
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New York

bro fist

Male, from New York

is a Tiering Contributoris a defending World Cup of Pokemon champion

:'v Aug 11, 2015

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Viewing forum list, Apr 23, 2017 at 8:09 PM
    1. Sweepage
      bro fist ready when you are bro.. I'll play whenever you want but please let me know a few days before.
    2. Jirachee
    3. Sweepage
      thanks alot you beast, good luck in your matches. I don't mind if you were the one who topped our group ( even though its impossible ;] )
    4. Sweepage
      johnny boy, can we leave our battle for the last week? I'd like this and the next week off. then i'll play you and TGMD.
    5. TGMD
      Hey Bro Fist, when would you like to battle for WCOP? I'm GMT +12 :)
    6. Morgenstern
      yo we got paired for the wcop, when can u play? my gmt is -8 *bro fists*
    7. Sweepage
      It's funny how we were saying we've never played in a REAL tournament a few months back.. I guess it's inevitable? When would you like me to whoop that Colombian ass? Im GMT +3
    8. tml
      hello gengar
    9. YTP
      Chill, I only went from cant stand to neutral. Would've went to love if TMac had a role in that game tho
    10. YTP
      Im sorry
    11. YTP
      Fwiw I am rooting for the Spurs. It was a tough decision (my expectations of the Heat blowing them out of the water still hold), but I can't deal with these cocky ass Heat fans any more -_-
    12. Fabulous but lazy
      Fabulous but lazy
      Brofist ¡ganamos la hpl!

    13. davidness
      no quiero molestar mucho. Así que cere breve me aras las pruebas sí o no así dejó de molestar max. xD
    14. YTP
      Lol the refs just fucked Indiana so hard
    15. YTP
      Could it be, has Gregg Popovich recruited Roy Hibbert and Lance Stevenson into his agency? It makes sense because Lance and Roy are both from NY. Also, Lance's career high? Against none other than New York Knicks. The fourth game of Pop's career was vs the Knicks. Lance was selected 40 overall. 4+0=4. Pop clearly wants to lower the flop numbers into his favor.
    16. YTP
      That nigga Lance Stevenson is fuckin scary to watch. He just runs full speed down the court with no regard for any one in front of him.
    17. YTP
      but obviously i would prefer the pacers win because the world needs to see more paul george :x
    18. Honus
      honestly if u want a john clayton espn expert analysis james harden simply stuffed a turkey club sandwich with extra mayo up his bum after westbrook went down
    19. YTP
      James Harden denied the Thunder a ring, it was very clear after he went from a hero in the Spurs series to an absolute dud vs the Heat. After losing, he knew that there was no way he could return to OKC after intentionally blowing a finals win. So he moved to Texas to make amends with the evil genius Gregg Popovich. While Texas is a large state, there was not enough room for two floppers on the same team (only Miami has the technology to fit upwards of 5 floppers on one team). Popovich suggested that he moved to Houston. He would make a larger amount of money, while still remaining close to Popovich.

      Here is where things really get downright evil. The Los Angeles Lakers were in position to take the 8 seed and face the Thunder in the playoffs, however that would have been an easy win for the Thunder. (It is also worth noting that James Harden is from LA). To secure the playoff spot, the Lakers had to beat both the Spurs and Rockets. Fair enough, the Kobeless Lakers took out the Spurs with ease. Next, they had to face the Rockets. However, as Popovich said to, the Rockets lost their previous game. This would allow for the Lakers to get the seventh seed and the Rockets the eighth. And sure enough, James Harden is facing his old team again.There, Popovich deployed his new secret weapon, the Patrick Beverly v1.0. Patrick Beverly is from Chicago, much like Gregg Popovich.

      Gregg knew where the true strength of the Thunder lied. It was not with three time scoring champion KD35, but with the emotional leader RW0. Pops decided to unleash Beverly onto Westbrook to end any championship hopes the Thunder had while increasing criticism of KD35. All while he faced the miserable Lakers.

      Now, the Spurs have made it to the finals to face the team that Harden originally choked against. Coincidence? I think not. One thing though, there is no way the Spurs will win here. As I mentioned before, the Heat have managed to fit 5 floppers onto one team combined with the best player on earth.

      And that is why I will root for the Heat
    20. YTP
      I'm not, I'm cheering for the Heat
    21. YTP
      I don't think I've watched 4 Spurs games all year so I'm ok with that lol.

      I actually rooted for the Heat back when the big three first formed. But then that became too mainstream so I have rooted for the Thunder since.

      The only reason I'm goin for the Heat is because I don't want random shit like Danny Green getting a ring before RW0 and KD35. It's bad enough that Norris Cole has one :'(
    22. DerrickRose
      what'd i say
    23. YTP
      fuck tim duncan
    24. Audiosurfer
      Ok, sounds good
    25. Audiosurfer
      Hey, we're opponents for the Les carrotes tournament. I'm GMT -5 and am usually on #pokemon, #doubles or #neverused if you need to reach me. Won't be available over the weekend but starting Monday I'll be available (starting from tuesday i can only be available past 5pm my time due to school). When do you wanna get this done?
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