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Last Activity:
Jun 17, 2014
Mar 27, 2011
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Jan 31, 1989 (Age: 25)


Male, 25, from California

Brophlosion was last seen:
Jun 17, 2014
    1. EyeDentist
      Happy birthday!
    2. Twilight Nova
      Twilight Nova
      I messaged you about our match!
    3. Cristal
      Hi, when do you want to play for lcnurulympics ? I'm GMT+2 and available everyday at least from 9:00 to 11 PM, except on 24th and 25th. You can try to find me there http://frenchtime.psim.us/
    4. pokezecrom222
      sup thatsa hows it going you wana battle tomorow ill be on after 5 pm me if your interested :)
    5. Professor Birch
      Professor Birch
      Did you finish your battle?
    6. Bearded Dragonite
      Bearded Dragonite
      Yo. I can battle tonight, so drop me a message when you come on
    7. Bearded Dragonite
      Bearded Dragonite
      I saw :)

      I won't be able to today, since I have an essay to work on, so it'l probably be sometime next week. Maybe tomorrow.
    8. Professor Birch
      Professor Birch
      next round matchups are up
    9. Professor Birch
    10. Gliiviire
      may i have it if possible
    11. Gliiviire
      sorry to bother you but do you have an extra electizer and lucky egg i may have GOD BLESS YOU for your time
    12. Branny00
      Team Rocket Corporation is conducting an Activity Sweep which it will get rid of inactive members.TRC has a large community and many threads and projects you can be involved in. If you wish to continue being a member of Team Rocket Corporation please post here.
    13. Toaster
      We need to play for round 2 of ST8. When are you free to battle?(GMT -5)
    14. The Kyle
      The Kyle
    15. The Kyle
      The Kyle
      hey you want to play now?
    16. The Kyle
      The Kyle
      hi, we are opponents by NU TOUR, my gmt is -3 and i'm avaliable normally during 15h~19h and 00h~03h. when you can play?
    17. Evan Falco
      Evan Falco
      Yea, when's good for you?
    18. BattleStar
      Dear Team Rocket Corporation member Brophlosion,

      We would like to know why you have been inactive.

      We have many activities and things to participate that go on here in the Team Rocket Corporation; such as the Make-A-Move game, the Who's that Pokemon game, and our weekly newsletter The Modern Grunt, which is a very interesting and you can write for it yourself. Team Rocket Corporation offers on the competitive side as well. We are very into battles and hold Tournies and Giveaways. PO and Wi-Fi are both used in our group. We also have an excellent cafe that offers a mix of familiar food and drink items and items that are hand-sprited specifically for the cafe. It also functions as a spam room.

      We request you become more active because we do not want to boot you, but will if we have to.

      Sincerely, the Team Rocket Corporation Headquarters

      Team Rocket Corporation
    19. Zephyr
    20. PK Gaming
      PK Gaming
      Ah, you played SMT: DS too? Awesome.
    21. PK Gaming
      PK Gaming
      Your name + avatar combo is fucking amazing.
    22. pattyfatstar
      Whats up BROphlosion, up for a rematch in RU? Don't worry, not using DW abilities this time haha
    23. pattyfatstar
      Thanks dude, that really did help. Hope to rematch in the future! But without the use of DW abilities lol
    24. Brophlosion
      Well. I play on the PO ladder. and there we aren't allowed to use unreleased DW ability's. You said in your sig that you used them and allowed them. So you are fine using them. If people have a problem they can just not play you lol. It's still RU. But you might find a few people that rage over it becasue they didn't read your sig. A really good subseeder is evolite cottonee and jumpluff in RU(Just in case you need to battle someone that won't play with DW)
    25. pattyfatstar
      Thanks for the advice! :D One question: If dream world abilities are allowed in a match, is contrary Serperior still technically considered RU? If you say no I'll change it with another subseeder for future battles!
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    /Y FC 3351 5342 1929
    B/W2 FC 0476 5871 7060
    My Youtube http://www.youtube.com/user/THATSAplusONE?feature=mhum
    My Twitch http://www.twitch.tv/eye_shine


    Jan 31, 1989 (Age: 25)
    Real Name:
    Favorite Pokémon:
    DP Friend Code:
    3739 8393 0262
    BW2 Friend Code:
    0476 5871 7060
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