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brunch XD
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Apr 1, 2015 at 11:30 PM
Jan 13, 2010
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brunch XD

formerly Fluffy Bird, from my name is johnny tsunami

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Viewing thread haha, Apr 1, 2015 at 11:30 PM
    1. Robert.
      we gotta play for the dpp tournament. when can you play?
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      2. Robert.
        can you play tonight?
        Mar 18, 2015
      3. Robert.
        i'd be on smogtours as robert today
        Mar 19, 2015
      4. brunch XD
        brunch XD
        im on as BRUNCH XD
        Mar 19, 2015
    2. Random Pizzaman
      Random Pizzaman
      When can you play? And what Timezone are you?
    3. Gil4
    4. Gil4
      Why not PO? Getting Shoddy to work on this PC is kinda problematic. Do you have some problems with PO?
    5. Gil4
      Smogon's server is up again, waiting for you there. :)
    6. Gil4
      Hi, sure, but we'll have to wait for a bit - Smogon server crashed and PO is too full.
    7. Gil4
      No problems as far as we'll do it in time. :) I'll try to be online tomorrow evening, but can't promise that for sure at the moment. I'll do my best though. Just in case, what times are you available to battle on Saturday, the last day before the deadline? If there such at all, of course.
    8. Badal
      Thats good, we're only 1.5 hours apart. How about a few hours from now?
    9. Badal
      I need a timezone and stuff dude. Which timezone do you live in? And when are you free?
    10. Badal
      We're paired for round 2 of BW tournament
    11. Gil4
      Oh well, guess you'll not arrive already if you wanted to do it at 10 PM. Good luck with your tests man, we'll reschedule this tomorrow then. :)
    12. Gil4
      I'm waiting for you for about 40 minutes already. Hope you arrive soon.
    13. Gil4
      Then it's 5 PM for me, hm. Yeah, I think I can, but I might be late for 10-20 minutes. I'll try to get on as early as possible. :)
    14. Gil4
      Hi, I am almost ready and it's time to schedule our battle I think. What times on Sunday are you free to play? It'd be best for me to battle around 6 PM, that's 11 PM for you if you're 5 hours ahead and I didn't make some mistake. If you are busy then, no problem, we'll find another point suitable for the both of us, I'm sure. Waiting for your answer. :)
    15. Gil4
      Then it's 5 hours difference. Not bad, I think it'll be not so hard to set up a time for our battle. :)
    16. Gil4
      Hm, ok, then I'll be working on my teams for a few days and PM/VM you closer to the end of the week (I think on Thursday/Friday). Then we'll be able to battle on the weekend. Fine with that? :) And thanks for the time to tune my teams. :) Btw, what timezone do you have?
    17. Gil4
      Sorry, was afk. I'd like to work on my teams for a bit longer, and I'd appreciate if we battle a few days later, closer to the end of the next week. Also, maybe you'd want to have our battles not in a row - you know, one battle first, then the other on the next day and so on (if we'll need to do the third). Can't insist on that if you don't want to do it that way, though. What's your opinion on that? Just give me some time to tune my teams, please, ok? After all, the deadline is on the 22th. Btw, my timezone is GMT+2.
    18. reyscarface
      ok ill get on
    19. Aerrow
      Oh, okay, I guess. But since its three battles, I may need to make three different teams on shoddy as it may become nessasary. Or, can we do only one battle right now? The other two teams I am planning to use are not completed yet, although if you really want to do all three battles today, I can use the incomplete teams.
    20. Aerrow
      I'll need to make a team on shoddy since Ive moved all my teams to PO; can you battle on PO?
    21. Aerrow
      You here?
    22. Aerrow
    23. Aerrow
      What do you mean by nighttime? About 8-10:00?
    24. Aerrow
      Hey, we're paired up for the first round of ST7. Let me know when you can battle; I'm usually available from 4:00-7:00 on weekdays, Toronto time. I'll be quite busy starting Saturday morning, so if we can arrange a time before then, I'd appreciate it.
    25. coolking49
      sure, I'll be on CAP
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