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    2017 Doubles Invitational Top 16

    Go Matt and aurarayquaza you can this!
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    SPL 9 - please no longer say any rude things about teal, he's trying his best. merry christmas.

    jaxton wheeler and armond rizzo you're welcome, atomicllamas
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    BW Excadrill

    Isn't picking a council going to be a difficult thing to do now that you already know how most if not all of the people that would be on that council would vote?
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    BW Excadrill

    Or just... you know... not edit old gen tiering period other than very extraordinary circumstances.
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    CAP 23 - Flavor Ability Poll 1

    Forewarn Unnerve Friend Guard Symbiosis No Flavor Ability Vital Spirit
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    CAP 23 - Part 12 - Flavor Ability Discussion

    Synchronoise doesn't "fail" so much as Dark types are immune to it. That's not a "but it failed" message. And in any case, it could be used if Umbreon were hit with Soak, etc first. Comatose is particularly unique in this regard because it can't be removed or swapped so it's not the same as...
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    Programming Random Team Generator

    Honko wondering if you were planning on updooting this?
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    CAP 23 - Part 12 - Flavor Ability Discussion

    I don’t believe any Pokémon learn a move that they can’t use. Ergo with rest included, comatose must receive an alternative that allows rest to be used successfully for any decent flavor.
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    CAP 23 - Part 10 - Sprite Poll

    Wyverii Garbagery Falchion the queen is back
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    Tournament USUM Doubles OU Kickoff Tour (Round 2 Pairings Up)

    Trick room and hail are viable so I guess I’m in
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    The Chess Thread

    bumpppp very satisfying end to this blitz game 38... c4 is a really nasty zugzwang/breakthrough. Of course I missed a simpler win earlier with Bc7 instead of Bxa7 but oh well it happens. This ended up being really enjoyable.
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    Championship - Type B DPP Grand Slam (Round 1 Finished)

    won 3-2 with ubers uu and pu, ggs