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May 3, 2011
Jul 26, 2010
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from kanto/johto

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May 3, 2011
    1. ShinyAzelf
      Flygon: Dragon Dance
    2. bzkrpldn
      sandslash-wild bolt,nitro charge,
      cacturne-poison point-toxic spikes
      charizard-energy ball, wind storm
      Gallade-Sacred Sword is there any better user
    3. Frost Nocturne
      Frost Nocturne
      More Miscellaneous suggestions:

      Zekrom with Earthquake, Superpower, Self-Destruct, Explosion, Brick Break, Hammer Arm, Flamethrower, Body Purge/Rock Polish, Trick Room, Roar, Doom Desire, Iron Head, Drill Liner, Gravity, Iron Defense, Recover, Focus Punch, Counter, Heavy Bomber, and Bulk Up.

      Reshiram with Psychic, Psycho Shock, Extrasensory, Future Sight, Windstorm, Tailwind, Air Slash, Sky Attack, Thunderbolt, Roost, Earth Power, Mirror Coat, Featherdance, and Whirlwind

      Re-Typings: Shibirudon as a WATER/Electric. (I seriously think they made some sort of programming error here, it's just so blatantly obvious. It would make Shibirudon much a much better Pokemon, too.
      Also, Desukan as a Ghost/Steel with Levitate (Ghost/Rock works ok too). Arguably the best defensive typing in the game with that combo, and it makes more sense asthetically as well.
    4. Frost Nocturne
      Frost Nocturne
      More Moves:
      Gallade with Agility, Mach Punch, Sacred Sword, and possibly Extremespeed
      Snorlax with Slack Off
      Zuruzukin with Sucker Punch and Beat Up
      Sableye with Destiny Bond (with Mischievous Heart...Priority Destiny Bond ftw!)
      Doryuuzu with Stone Edge (seriously wth? it gets rock slide by level up!)
      Wargle with Roost
      Tsunbear with Waterfall and Earthquake
      Shiftry with Leaf Blade, Night Slash, Air Slash, Wind Storm, and Whirlwind
      Regice and Registeel with Recover. Not sure about Regirock...maybe Slack off? lol
      Porygon-Z with Vacuum Wave
      Octillery with Hydro Pump. It learns flamethrower and fire blast, but not this??
    5. Frost Nocturne
      Frost Nocturne
      I've thought about this exact thing for years, so I have quite a few ideas. I've mainly theorized about stat changes, but I'll just post new moves for now.

      Marowak with Head Smash
      Aerodactyl with Head Smash and Brave Bird
      Ampharos with Tail Glow (yes I know the Japanese translation, it should still get it)
      Garchomp with Dragon Dance and Extremespeed (Flygon too probably)
      Clefable with Swift (stars, and it's from the moon...)
      Steelix with Coil (and higher Hp and Atk dammit! it's a gargantuan steel snake!
      Sazandra with Nasty Plot and Pursuit
      Nattorei with Rapid Spin, Earthquake, and maybe Toxic Spikes. (Forry would be utterly replaced if it got all three I think)
      Kirikizan with Close Combat
      Emboar with Belly Drum and Focus Punch
      And the Obligatory Flareon with Flare Blitz of course. We should really sign a petition for that one. Also seconding Entei with Earthquake and Superpower, Pidgeot with Extremespeed and the rest of the suggestions from the previous posters.
    6. Gabe
      Marowak and Close Combat.

      Onokusu and Fire Fang.
    7. Gabe
      Entei should get Earthquake. It's the Volcano pokemon. Also Super Power.

      Flareon with Flare Blitz, duh.

      Blastoise and Shell Break.
    8. Perentie Fan
      Perentie Fan
      This is in answer to your signature request:

      Rapidash: Earthquake (it's heavy enough and Tauros and Stantler get it), Jump Kick or Hi Jump Kick.

      Daikenki: Shell Break

      Pidgeot: Extremespeed
    9. bzkrpldn
      Corsola/water spout and batonpass(Regeneration)- coupled, ingrain, aqua ring, and lefties this thing just doesn't die
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    the day i choose scizor over eviolite scyther is the day it learns crabhammer unless scyther gets roost back before then


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