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Oct 8, 2015
May 6, 2011
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    1. deadfox081
      Hey buddy, is the Shrapnel in your gym arena flavour only now?
    2. Elevator Music
      Elevator Music
      I subbed to chill if he used it, because i didnt want to get caught in some random fake out combo madness
    3. Its_A_Random
      I KO both anyway according to my calcs, so no reorder.
    4. Elevator Music
    5. Orcinus Duo
      Orcinus Duo
      Need an approval
    6. AOPSUser
      Um, Gyarados is 4x weak to Electric.

      You may want to change your reffing of Alch's Pike.
    7. Texas Cloverleaf
    8. Alchemator
      I just changed my actions, derp.
    9. rickheg
      I considered trying to use Pain Split. But I like this ending better.
    10. Its_A_Random
      Thank you for the VM. This has now been fixed.
    11. Alchemator
      I very much know Wacan Berry's description, I just have no option but to power through it. [Plus you get paralysed anyway.]
    12. Orcinus Duo
      Orcinus Duo
      Oh my god
      I actually signed up for a new pike challenge, osted and everything, and then realized my old challenge was still going. Got that mixed up with my DQ from the arcade, I am so sorry. Can I keep going? :S
    13. Its_A_Random
      Do not forget to change the Hippowdon Sprite to a Fidgit Sprite ;)
    14. Its_A_Random
      Hello, your Gym Match with Pwnemon is up. Good Luck!
    15. Maxim
      Uh, you need to post in our match. You'll probably need to do it today since I'll be less active for the next few weeks and probably won't be able to post until late Saturday and/or Sunday.
    16. Its_A_Random
      Uhhh, Lapras' Attack & Gastrodon's Defence Rank are the same, so Natural Gift is only dealing 22.5 DMG... :S
    17. Engineer Pikachu
      Engineer Pikachu
      Pike referee rewards were cut back slightly, so you don't get that nice 16 UC anymore. I can't do approval runs atm, but this is just to let you know.
    18. waterwarrior
      Sorry about this, but I actually changed my actions in your Hall right before you posted(I'm sorry :( ). Not sure if you saw it before or after the edit, so if you want to change your actions, go ahead.
    19. King Serperior
      King Serperior
      Next time, I am coming for Lucy's head!
    20. King Serperior
      King Serperior
      Sorry that my sub in the pike is a bit confusing.....

      I couldn't figure out how to word it D:
    21. typon77
      Hey, sorry for being so late reffing you and EndQuote. I've been sick and had exams, so its been hectic. Tomorrow is my last exam day, so after that i'll be free. However, tonight i have to study, so if you could wait until about 18 hours from now, that'd be great.
    22. Orcinus Duo
      Orcinus Duo
      I'm really sorry about my pike, but I'm on really shaky Internet right now, have to leave my only secure connection right now, and want to give quality orders. Please don't DQ me I'll be back within...erm, five days at most
    23. Gerard
      Yey, already did
    24. SimonSays
      Ahh. But the End of Round Paralysis Decay?
    25. Orcinus Duo
      Orcinus Duo
      If I equip an item to something and then it dies in battle, do I still have the item?
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    My CAP ASB Team
    [23:35] <Jesseus> <Glacier> im not frunk | [23:36] <Glacier> jessues whered the d go
    [21:25] <Pwnemon> look at kax vs cmfp, iar vs cmfp, pwnemon vs cmfp | [21:25] <Pwnemon> none of us had teams that by rights should have lost | [21:25] <Pwnemon> but he's cm fucking p
    [22:28] <SimonSays> But hey, you're all still a bunch of upstarts with your fancy shmancy ultraevolutions and Uncommon Lollies

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