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c l e a r
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Feb 18, 2017
Apr 29, 2005
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Feb 18, 2017
    1. Joel
      Thanks for the tips.

      I got al 8 badges and beat the E-4 the first time through before I even weent into the DW, so that's covered.

      I have (and keep) as many berrries as allowed, but I onlt have two rows so far. I read on Serebii that a third and forth row can be added afterr 7,500, and 10,000 points.

      I play for as close to as much of the hour as I can (minimum of 50 minutes). Basicallly just so I can have as many potential Female DW Pokes as possible. I figure I can breed for better later.

      At least the 2nd poke I got in the DW might be viable for UU or RU. It was a female, Cloud Nine Lickytounge.

      One more question...If I tuck in a Syncer, will it effect the natures of what comes from the DW?
    2. Joel
      Late reply, but I didn't mean anythin offensive. That second message really was for a "just in case" scenero in case I do distribute the thing, and then someone else decides to switch it's moveset.

      Also, (late bloomer here) took my first run in the DW. Do you have any tips on what I might do to get better Pokes? It kept sending me to only the Pleasant Forest.

      The only thing even remotely notable I got was a female DW Lotad w/ Leech Seed.

      I suppose it's an ability to pass, but since (IMO) both of it's regular abilities benefit it better, it's still not saying too much.

      If it helps for the advice, I have a Lvl 60 Munchlax tucked in (the one you get in an in-ame trade after beatting the E-4).
    3. MB Espeon
      MB Espeon
      Yeah I've only run into about two or three, and all of them had Iron Tail. Just send me a message when you get that done and you're decided. And thanks in advance.
    4. Nickscor
      Got a Timid Serene Grace XD Togepi
      31/ x/ 26-29 / 20-23 /26-29 /24-27
      Shame it turned Hustle.
    5. MB Espeon
      MB Espeon
      I really hate to ask such a thing since I don't want to bug anyone about this kind of stuff but (Seeing as Rock Climb Sheer Force Tauros has been eluding me for weeks now, and you said you had one) is there any chance you can give me one? Preferably jolly with high attack/speed but if if that's too demanding here you can just go with Jolly alone. Unless it's not in Entree Forest in which case... I dunno.

      And really, there's gotta be something you want in return for this, if you can do this.
    6. Joel
      And 2 things.

      1) I'm not trying, nor will I try to pass my Chansey off ass something it isn't, and if I do trade it, I will ONLY be trading the version that still has Mimic, not the one with the glitch moveset.

      2) You really have gotten me interested in the inner-workings of retail carts, so I'm not trying to argue a point. I really am just interested about how all of these things are figured out.

      (Sorry for the double post. My first post was too long for the site)
    7. Joel
      Ah, I think I understand now. The only thing is that the carts (and even the Wii for PBR) read it as legit still. As in, battle vids on WiFi, and PBR WiFi allow it without it being flagged or blocked.

      It's easy to understand why it wouldn't be blocked on Gen 4. DS WiFi carts. The Rage/Mimic glitch was in the programing of the carts. (Doesn't explain the shiny Manaphy eggs, but that's a different story) That a;so doesn't explain why it is not counted as a hack on PBR WiFi though. (Older Gens. didn't have the same coding from handhelds to consoes, so I am guessing Gen. 4 doesn't either) PokeSAV'd Mons are immediately flagged as hacks, since they are read as being coded incorrectly. Since technically my Chansey would be a mere "glitch moveset", shouldn't it also get flagged on anything that is not D/P/Plt/HG/SS?

      I wouldn't mind a Gen. 5 DS retail cart testing of this on at leasst WiFi battling.
    8. Joel
      Further viewing on PP shows this.

      It's about the flagging on a "Wish" Kangaskahn, but the flagging for all of the 2004 PCNY events should be the same. The egg events didn't get them. (If I am readin that correctly.)
    9. Nickscor
    10. Nickscor
      You've mentioned a Naïve XD Mence, but I didn't find it in your thread on SB. Can you let me in on the IVs so I can add it to the HoF?
    11. MB Espeon
      MB Espeon
      Thanks for the shellos
    12. MB Espeon
      MB Espeon
      Er, just to trigger the new message thing, think you can nickname it as well? You can decide on what.
    13. MB Espeon
      MB Espeon
      It's 0346-8608-8809. And yours? And sure there isn't anything you want in specific from me?

      EDIT: Oh it's in your signature. I kinda forget about noticing those at times. Okay then I'll plug it in and get on.
    14. MB Espeon
      MB Espeon
      Just to keep the clutter short on the dream world list topic...

      If you can back yours up for yourself while you give me a forest one that's fine too. I don't care about its IVs or nature or anything so just catch it as whatever, as long as it's legitly gotten from Dream World and whatnot.

      So what do you want in return? I can breed up loads of dream world stuff and... well, loads of stuff really, what with a complete pokédex. Can't guarantee great IVs but... yeah, just tell me what you want.
    15. Agonist
      No problem, and enjoy!
    16. Agonist
      I'll be on in a minute
    17. Agonist
      Allright sounds good, just let me know when you're ready
    18. Agonist
      That sounds good! So you want all three?
    19. Agonist
      You mean you want the Charizard and Venusuar, as well, or you want to know their redistribution status? Their fully redis. If you want them, I can give them to you, but you'll have to clone them for me.
    20. Red
      Well that is true. we do with what we can. so that makes me the third to abuse it.
      and yes, I have not contributed much on smogon, and I feel like a freeloader. having something that you can be proud of here is a big ego boost
    21. Agonist
      I saw you need a speed boost blaziken? I have Bonds, if you want it
    22. Im not lOlpO
      Im not lOlpO
      Jolteon use protect,

      gg,as late sweeper is nice and a beast <3! also i wont be runing max speed on that is common sence :x!
    23. Im not lOlpO
      Im not lOlpO
      i cant trade until i get my laptop,thread in search results
    24. Im not lOlpO
      Im not lOlpO
      i see one or two mon's thatt i need and that mence
    25. LeftiesWillRule
      Thanks for the consideration.
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