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    Battle Spot memes in ultra high definition (a 4K post)

    memes in ultra high definition For a long time this gen I had the worst teambuilder's block and wasn't really doing so well in tours, so for the last couple months of SM I wanted to build something silly and just ladder a lot. I figured using an underused / memey strategy would be fun...
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    Tournament Battle Spot Singles Season 6 Cartridge Tournament [Won by: Psynergy!]

    lost to psynergy in 2. he played well but I was super tilted after missing HJK turn 1 game 1. I also brought the wrong p2 and did 3 damage with return lol. I didn't deserve to make playoffs after all that, so good luck to Megazard and everyone else who qualified
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    Battle Spot Singles Simple Questions

    Not on the ranked ladder. You can use them in free battle but the competition isn't very good... Free battle is a matchmaking mode on Battle Spot. If you choose "Visit the Battle Spot" from the plaza it will ask you if you want to play Free or Rated. They work exactly the same except there's...
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    Resource VGC 2018 Viability Rankings

    I would love to indulge in these arguments but it would derail the thread and Charizard X is objectively not the best DD user. It's fine in C- though.
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    Resource VGC 2018 Viability Rankings

    Is this really better than DD Mence? Isnt this a little contradictory? I mean I agree that it's C- but how can it be that low when you think it's the best DD user available?
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    defensive set should have analytic slashed as well, as analytic foul play OHKOes +2 Mimikyu. mention stakataka as a HP ground target in OO. I think HP ground can be mentioned on the offensive / trick room set actually because Mawile teams (aka the most common partner) struggle against Heatran...
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     Art for Articles { Mk III }

    hey Bummer new art please. we will also use it in all our threads / tournaments we'd really like it to have mimikyu, mega blaziken, and mega salamence. if naganadel fits as well that would be cool too because it's also broken.
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    Project 1st Annual BSS Secret Santa

    I need a team in case I make the BSSC Invitational
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    USUM Updates

    We've been busy in the relatively small transition between SM and USUM. We now have movesets for a huge majority of mons on the dex, you can find a list of them here: We've also repurposed this forum to be just for BSS. Due to the...
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    Tournament Battle Spot Singles Season 6 Cartridge Tournament [Won by: Psynergy!]

    we had some real trouble with the old SM servers but managed to squeeze in 3 games, beat Doobzi 2-1. it was a wild ride
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    Online Competition Johto X Alola [playable on PS!]

    Mega Kang has been top 5 in battle spot doubles usage this whole gen, and is currently 4th in usage on the VGC ladder. In a doubles format with less things annoying it, it will be even better. Especially in this particular competition since Kang knowing Seismic Toss from the virtual console...
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    Battle Spot Singles Simple Questions

    The two before me explained it well, but the thing with BSS is that if your defensive Pokemon loses to Mega Salamence, Mega Blaziken, and Naganadel then it isn't a defensive Pokemon. All of these are banned from OU, so Tangrowth actually has a niche there.
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    Project The Next Best Thing [Current Subject: Blacephalon]

    Blacephalon @ Mago Berry Ability: Beast Boost EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Timid Nature - Mind Blown - Shadow Ball - Substitute - Calm Mind / Flame Charge / Fire Blast / Hidden Power Ice / etc. Mind Blown > Sub > heal > Mind Blown > Mind Blown > die. Mago Berry allows the use of 3...
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    3v3 General Discussion

    Adamant is Alolan Marowak's preferred ability anyway. They usually run: Marowak-Alola @ Thick Club Ability: Lightning Rod EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SpD Adamant Nature - Shadow Bone - Flare Blitz - Bonemarang - Will-O-Wisp edit: oh HA only that's lame
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    Special [Season 7] Alolan BSS

    Can someone get on and test if the new UBs (Naganadel / Blacephalon / Stakataka) are legal? The regulations page says they're banned, but they're not greyed out like the rest of the banned Pokemon when you check the eligible mons list.... classic PGL