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May 31, 2016
Apr 26, 2009
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capefeather was last seen: Nov 9, 2015 I should probably use my visits for positive things like helping out more with CAP... Nov 24, 2015

capefeather was last seen:
May 31, 2016
    1. Chou Toshio
      Chou Toshio
      Yup, I definitely got to stop reading the comments in that tiering thread in UT. The stupidity makes me want to shoot myself.
    2. SlimMan
      My bad. I was trying to separate the ending from my rant. So that it would be less confusing when I change topics. If it's more confusing with the ------- then I'll be happy to change it.
    3. TorchicBlaziken
      According to the research thread, Trace fails on illusion.
    4. fmsYEAH
      Yo cape, Edgeworth is still an idiot.
    5. jumpluff
      Your avatar is boss.
    6. cim
      just wanted to let you know you're not the only one who's wanted to make a post like that
    7. tawp64
      Happy Birthday!
    8. Shy Glizzy
      Shy Glizzy
      For he's a jolly good fellow, for he's a jolly good fellow, for he's a jolly goood feeeloooooooooow, and nobody can deny! HB
    9. muffinhead
      ...........................HAPPY BIRTHDAY :D
    10. Accipender
      You ready now?
    11. Accipender
      Sorry for being on and off >.<; Are you available tomorrow night?
    12. Accipender
      Sorry for the delay, way more to do than I expected =.= I'm available now, if you are?
    13. Accipender
      Aight. I'll try to be on CAP in a half-hour.
    14. Accipender
      Yeah, sorry, been crazy busy. I should be available all tonight and most of tomorrow night. When are you available?
    15. drcossack
      Team Trials opponent - can't remember if you go on #stark or not, but just shoot me a PM on there whenever you're ready to play.
    16. Accipender
      hey! I'm your opponent in the OU tournament! Unfortunately, I will be out of town all week for a herpetology conference. Might you be available in the evening hours of this coming weekend?

      Thanks in advance,
    17. DJXO9
      Do you want me to just put you down for all tiers?
    18. Bobtheball4
      hey, I've seen that you go on #cap a lot, could we maybe try and meet up there some time? i wont be here at all on the weekend though as i have a camp until sunday night, then i start school on wednesday :(( so is it possible to do it on monday or tuesday? Im pretty open on school nights too if we have to go for then.
    19. Gothic Togekiss
      Gothic Togekiss
      To merely point out that Lightning Rod doesn't "absorb" electric attacks, it just redirect them towards the Pokemon. Had it actually absorb electric moves then we probably wouldn't have CAP11 with Volt Absorb.
    20. Muk
      and i noticed you deleted my post from earlier

    21. Muk
      how come you never reply to me? even on youtube?

    22. Venator
      And there's also Fighting Grass for electric resist.
    23. PK Gaming
      PK Gaming
      Nope, I don't use PK Gaming on CR. Thanks for checking with me!
    24. jumpluff
      Haha, it's actually two years X) I only ever had Shoddy mods for ages. And I see, I've never been active on a wiki, but I've used the AA wiki a lot, so props to you :)
    25. PK Gaming
      PK Gaming
      Oh yeah definetely. Let's head on over to Shoddy to talk tactics.
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