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Captain Dragan
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Jul 15, 2012
Jul 13, 2011
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July 3
The Seven Seas

Captain Dragan

from The Seven Seas

Captain Dragan was last seen:
Jul 15, 2012
    1. SBP33
      Hey man! long time no see! If you like, we should get a match going soon!
    2. Zacchaeus
      Happy birthday
    3. SiriusWing
      Hello there, I hope this isn't weird, but I understand you specialize in teamrating. I was wondering if you'd help me out with a team I'm trying to utilize for competitive UU battles. The movesets are still a bit of a work in progress for some of the Pokemon, but I think it's coming together alright. Would you mind lending your wisdom?
    4. Shotgun Squirtle
      Shotgun Squirtle
      Ok then missed when you said that.
    5. Shotgun Squirtle
      Shotgun Squirtle
      Hello, I would just like to say that your activity in TCD is a little low, please go to TCD and be more active,
      Aloha SS.
    6. Complications
      I have taken control of The Society of Battlers, but I don't know if it will be permanent. Please report to the group.
    7. the dead mans oddysey
      the dead mans oddysey
      im going to delete it if complications doesnt take over my group (hes a spy).
    8. Shotgun Squirtle
      Shotgun Squirtle
      Dear member of Team Destruction,
      Thank you for signing up and you're very appreciated for joining. As you should know we have a rank system hear on Team Destruction and it would be very appreciated for you to join and not be a grunt and do nothing except talk to everyone. You must start at grunt though if there are positions i'll try to squeeze you in but no promises. Thank you for joining Team Destruction,
      Mahalo (spread some Hawaiian love) Shotgun Squirtle
    9. Shotgun Squirtle
      Shotgun Squirtle
      yes do you want to join
    10. BTzz
      lol, I've seen some of those lick pics. Anyways I got the avy from Fatecrashers art thread. There's tons of cool stuff in there, if you want to check it out the link is in my sig.
    11. Shotgun Squirtle
      Shotgun Squirtle
      no friends, friend
    12. the dead mans oddysey
      the dead mans oddysey
      yeah ok. just keep looking at the scociety's 'important' notices. updates will be made there
    13. Shotgun Squirtle
    14. the dead mans oddysey
      the dead mans oddysey
      hey cap'n, the way you tackle a war is in a group. we set up a plan on who and when we will strike. but you still beat the crap out of enemys.
    15. the dead mans oddysey
      the dead mans oddysey
    16. the dead mans oddysey
      the dead mans oddysey
      yeah cap'n, the the thing is *someone yells 'SPIT IT OUT* i cant battle you for atleast 3 weeks. sorry, its my internet connection. i do most of my smogon at school (with the help of my freind'd, PROXY's)
    17. SBP33
      IDK why somehow my Pokemonn Online won't let me connect. Can you help?
    18. R4GEKILL
      LOOOL. Sorry bout that, but I like making teams. It's what I do...
    19. -Pulse-
      Yo, did you quit on neoseeker? lol :p
    20. Toastie
      Yes, Yes I am!!
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    Call me Cap'n.

    I mainly do teamrating, so if you need me, just PM me about it.


    July 3
    The Seven Seas
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    so many...
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