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Jul 11, 2007
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    1. Magic Toaster
      Magic Toaster
      You have a really cute avatar. ^______^
    2. Shao
      You have my thanks for the work you've done!
    3. pieisyummy
      Whoa you made shoddy and all that stuff? That's so cool!
    4. Zacchaeus
      Thanks for the work on Pokélab, Shoddy was a little bit too... shoddy
    5. jumpluff
      I [IMG] Cathy~
    6. 6A9 Ace Matador
      6A9 Ace Matador
      thanks for implementing the like this function, great idea! 8]
    7. Talz
      Hi there. ^-^
    8. mien
      Thanks for expressing the thoughts of many in PR, in a way that makes perfect sense.
    9. Imran
      Thought I'd just put that out there because it's essentially what everyone posting on this wall is asking. Except Doug, Doug is cool.
    10. Imran
      Are you fit IRL? :)
    11. DougJustDoug
      Just posting here to say thanks for the work you have done for this community, and competitive pokemon enthusiasts everywhere!
    12. Tayla
    13. Matthew
      Actually, Cathy, I just noticed you cranked out several updates / whatever they're called for PokeLab and I just wanted to say thanks for doing all of this for us for free. I doubt you actually hear that enough!!
    14. Matthew
      Brawl sucks!!!
    15. cim
      you know the last thing I wrote on your wall

      just read that one again for good measure
    16. NixHex
      Good read. As a bit of a hobbiest/programmer myself, slowly developing my own software for RNG Abuse, I felt a little insulted by the OP of that thread. If I were paid to write my program, I would take time out of my everyday life of work, family, friends, girlfriend, etc. to sit in my room with the doors closed and finish it. However, I do it when I get the chance, and I do it to help others on this site. Thank you for standing up and expressing these ideas for those like myself who couldn't have said it more eloquently.
    17. cim
      Your latest post made my day. Thanks for everything you've done for Smogon.
    18. VKCA
      Agreeing with the below poster.
    19. Rayquaza2233
      Your post in this thread owned.
    20. iodine_x
      Umm hi...This is a little cheeky, but I'm thinking of setting up a server on Shoddy Battle for my website. I was wondering if you could give me some idea of what to expect.
    21. Jukain-Arashi
      Hey I'm having some trouble with shoddy battle not being able to find the sprite loader. Can you please help me?
    22. Ian15
      When will the new moves from the New Movie be updated on to Shoddy Battle. I really want to use Aura Sphere Raikou
    23. CaptKirby
      not at all; considering you make good jokes sometimes, I was surprised how fucking terrible this one was (especially considering we basically never interact)
    24. CaptKirby
      what do YOU want
    25. Cathy
      Server listings are all up to date. Do not post server listings on my visitor messages or they will not be listed.
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