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Champion Steve
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Mar 3, 2014
Nov 18, 2012
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Champion Steve

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Mar 3, 2014
    1. Nollan
      Look, P-coach, I see your concern for the meta, but I have this handled, ok? Plenty of priority moves will be given out and volt switch, u-turn, etc will be spread among their respective types too, I will also handle the learnsets personally since you did the Pokedex stuff and banlists, which I will fix for non-changed pokes, making them banned as well.

    2. Nollan
      Thunder 28/29 fully evolved electric types (I think I have made my point)
    3. Nollan
      I have another BST meta I came up with. Not sure on the name though, it aims to make the metagame more dynamic by buffing each pokes strongest stats (Equal Stat Pokes get buffs of smaller proportions to all stats).
      For example, Arceus gets 122s across the board, Mew gets 103s, but then Scizor gets: 70/150/120/55/100/65, which is epic, IMO
    4. Nollan
      Blame me, I got them riled up with those HUGE messages :)
    5. Nollan
      Iirc, anyways.
    6. Nollan
      They lost them a month ago. ;)
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