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  • Yeah I never go on aim or msn, best way to contact me is youtube [in sig] or just here.
    How have you been?
    However long it takes...but no more than a week.
    I need a Shiny Modest Chingling with the Egg move Recover.
    Cool, well I need a BP done more urgently at this time, so would you be interested in completing that?
    my nidoking for your what again? and you should join in on my giveaway it will be fun
    lol yeah i was like finally someone show some interest in the title
    I already have that, sorry =/
    I'm kinda lazy with updating my thread, I was more wondering if you can egg abuse on HG/SS (DPPt is fine too) =)
    Wanna do a BP for me?
    You can CMT first to see if you would be able to spend 3-4 credits (:
    I'm starting a new trade thread with a friend and am trying to finish up my pending trades. Are you still interested in trading with me?
    all the business would shut down and left unattended resulting in massive robbery and downfall of the stock market which will cause another great depression since everyone is in the epic line at the movies for "When Jesus pulled a chuck norris"
    only if that was possible they will always make better cars planes and boat.
    that would be an awesome title only if it was real but hey we would make money pitching this idea as a movie.
    yes that would be epic, him actually beating the devil in a fist fight would be very entertaining and would make for a great movie
    wow...I always knew Jesus was a body builder,I did not have any proof till now though
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