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Mar 17, 2008
Trophy Points:
    1. Buckert
      What do you mean with no chaining required? I want it to be Shiny :P
    2. Agonist
      Certainly, and good luck!
    3. Agonist
      Yep (also, I assume you know what IV frame you need to use, and whatnot)?
    4. Agonist
      I start my timer as soon as I turn on the C-Gear, and I use EonTimer (although I've used ZomgTimer before). It is a bit tricker to confirm what frame you hit when you've got multiple Pokémon in the forest (due to them advancing the PIDRNG rapidly), so you might have to do a bit of trial and error to figure it out.
    5. Agonist
      sure, go ahead.
    6. goodluck03
      Hi Chev a long time no see you. You come back again?
    7. goodluck03
      hi chev i long ago did not play, I try to play a little more.
      also i like ur shiny bronzong hp ice, if u want some pokemon of my old thread tell me.
      Similarly thanks.
    8. Alchemist Fullmetal
      Alchemist Fullmetal
      Oh, sorry for the trouble.
    9. Alchemist Fullmetal
      Alchemist Fullmetal
      um, Hi, I saw in your thread that you have no wifi and I really like your Luxury Ball Timid Gengar+Timid Premier Ball Gengar but I only 2 pokemon of my own so I don't have a thread. I was wondering if I could help you ev train or something. If it helps I can take pkm files since the wifi has been having errors all christmas. Sorry if I bothered.
    10. Diabolico
      Are all your pokemon fully redis, including your shiny naive tornadus?
    11. Diabolico
    12. PoJ
      Oh, that's ok :) Thanks!
    13. PoJ
      I know lol, but I really don't feel like abusing a new ID/SID and transferring all my pokemon from one cart to another (I don't even have another BW cart, so I'll have to trade all my pokemon to someone else...). So I'll try my luck this way :)

      If I can't get it, oh well :P One more thing: What's usually the lowest PID possible?
    14. PoJ
      Oh, thank you :D
    15. PoJ
      Hey, Chev, do you know if there's a certain season that's best for abusing the roamer in BW?
    16. Cipher Admin Lovrina
      Cipher Admin Lovrina
      I wish we could trade. That Shellos is so wonderful!
    17. Cipher Admin Lovrina
      Cipher Admin Lovrina
      That's a gorgeous Tyranitar :)
    18. The Mole
    19. evan0913
      I do have a gen 4 game, but I transferred all my pokes so there is nothing on it! lol
      I'll try to get some cross gen trades done first so I have something to offer and then come back :D
      Thanks again :3
    20. evan0913
      Thank you :D
      Can I just say that your RNGs are brilliant and you are so generous :3
      Your Timid HP Ice Heatran is my favorite of all time! Has always been on my teams ever since I got him. I love him so much I won't dare get him cloned so its not even in my thread (even though I got him as a clone already :'D) I even tried fitting him onto a rain team once o_O
    21. Cipher Admin Lovrina
    22. FSLAR
      Thank you so much for this.
    23. FSLAR
      3310 2042 3703
    24. FSLAR
      you sure you don't want anything? I don't mind
    25. FSLAR
      I wanted it in 4th Gen anyway. What would you like in exchange?
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