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  • Just saying tomorrow I finish school at 11AM my time. If before you go to school you're willing to battle, it's cool by me. Just noting that this is also BO3
    Then it's Friday-Funday for us, as it looks.
    Come here same time during the whole week until Friday, the computer might be on.

    Cya around man!
    I'm on my iPhone, computer is off and I'm about to go to bed.

    Is the time I noted good for you?
    Can't right now... Tomorrow about two hours earlier would be amazing though, even one hour earlier. If not, it's only on Friday. :/
    As long as I'm not out, it should be okay. I'm going to be available in the times you mentioned if I come back, so stay active.
    7PM for you is 2AM for me, I suppose we could meet at Thursday or Friday. That good?
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