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  • Oh dude you should apologize to Janovy, he blacklisted you because you ignored all his VMs and PMs. He might not unblacklist you, but I explained to him that you went inactive, so at least you look like a better person.
    Its okay, why do you feel like quitting :S !? I just need two copies of machamp, and I can get your stuff cloned if ya want
    Find any pokes you wanted to add? And could I get a couple of copies of your machamp to pay off a CMT? Plus, there's a guy who posted in our thread who's offering for your beldum
    Sup choc we should try to update the shop. I'll find a few new things, try to find a few to put in your section too :)
    hello! :D its good, unfortunetly i can't meet the requirements to list IV's of pokemon, b/c i dont know how to check them.
    No sorry I've only got Naive, which is supposed to be better for magnezone because it lets explosion do more dmg
    Oh oops I thought you wanted to get Dratini. If you don't congratulate the guy on his birthday, you will get the pokemon that you don't want. So if you chose Mew and didn't say happy birthday, you'll get dratini
    Yeah I came here to pick up battle-ready pokemon as well. However, it's great to keep a shop thread open around here so you can pick up the interesting things that pop up
    And if you need any of your pokemon cloned, just tell me, I know a reliable cloner back on bulbagarden
    Alright, I should be available tomorrow. Maybe around noon my time. In that time, I'll get it cloned.
    Oh you posted in that dratini giveaway right? Go change your post and congratulate the guy on his birthday, or else you will get the mew instead of dratini
    If you can find one for me that would be amazing, but don't stress if you don't, I already found a guy who will trade me one, although his price is sort of annoying....he wants me to delete my smeargle's moveset completely and give it a new one.
    Alright I appreciate it, although don't stress if he turns you down. We run the same shop, so we pretty much share pokemon now
    Yo, if ooh shiny turns you down for that jirachi, I can clone my copy of a flawless jirachi that has the same nature and moveset for you
    Yeah they look pretty sweet. I gotta go do some homework, if anyone posts in our thread, I'll trust on you to handle it :)
    Too lazy XD I got someone to do banners for us too! Remember that -Lux- has 5 credits in our shop for doing banners from now on
    Awesome, I've already got a trade thread up, just PM me your section and I'll edit it in
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