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Choice Specs
Aug 31, 2012
Trophy Points:
    1. NightFox
      How about battle on saturday at 10PM GMT-4?
    2. Vinc2612
    3. Vinc2612
      Yes, Friday evening is great. See you !
    4. Vinc2612
      Hi ! We are paired for the OST. I'm GMT +1.
      I would rather play tomorrow after the end of the prediction round (if it ends tomorrow), Sunday before 5pm my time, or next Friday/Saturday anytime from 11am to 11pm my time.
    5. Milos
      cant play on PO, only on showdown. i'll be on as milos
    6. Milos
      yeah, im back.. after 4pm for you would be after 7 pm for me so that sounds good. vm me when you wanna play
    7. Milos
      I'm gmt-3. I could play after the 8th, I'm going out of town for a week so when I get back we should be able to get it done
    8. DatStunfisk
      Yo lets put a battle together some time when you come on. Just message me on Skype a date to battle. Wanna see if you still got it haha.
    9. King
      i can't do it this weekend. tonight was really the only night i can do it. you shoulda been there when we scheduled. i was on from 4 hours beforehand.
    10. Choice Specs
      Choice Specs
      Hey man, I just left, I really have something important to do tonight. Lets schedule another time, preferably this weekend.
    11. King
      Ok I'm gonna be at least an hour
    12. King
      Aight, I'll be on pokemon online beta.
    13. King
      hey man, i'm on and ready when you are. shoot me a vm when you get on
    14. King
      aye bro sorry about the confusion but i may need to do a match today pretty soon so when you come on hmu
    15. Atoni
      i can play everyday though haha
    16. King
      lemme change it to 6pm, if thats okay with you
    17. King
      How the hell did you do that? You picked the one time I haven't been stalking(/creepy) you all day to post a VM on my wall. Then you go offline. 9.9. I'm on pokemon online just message me there :>
    18. King
      Hey man you are my opponent for the Official Smogon Tournament #9. My GMT is -6 but I probably won't be available barring now until after Wednesday, which is my last final. I'm not gonna john you, and I don't really care about waiting for the predictions. Just let me know when you can battle, and if I can do it then I will. Thanks, and looking forward to some epic matches.

      P.S. I am jasonpwn fyi.
    19. Atoni
      ok, monday then, but i cant tonight... the best time for us to play on monday for me would be like 12:00~17:00 (my gmt btw)
    20. Atoni
      hey man, we must play for ou tournament... whats your gmt?
    21. Valentine
      hey buddy C:
    22. DatStunfisk
      i love you at pokemon i once knew some guy named allen he was good
    23. Lady Bug
      Lady Bug
      yeah, which server? give me like 5 minutes and i'll be on
    24. Lady Bug
      Lady Bug
      sounds good
    25. Lady Bug
      Lady Bug
      I don't have a specific time to play on, but I'm free a lot these days. Pick the time and I'll try to be there.
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