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    1. Magcargo 2
      Magcargo 2
      HAPPY 7000th post!
    2. Arcticblast
      Hey, can we talk sometime? A user sent me an Other Metagame request very similar to an old thread of yours (I knew I'd seen the concept somewhere...) and I was wondering if you had anything to say about it.
    3. Furosuto
      Quick Chou! Which one do you think doesn't suck as much, Bleach or Naruto?
    4. Goddess Briyella
    5. LonelyNess
    6. Pwnemon
      thank you
    7. Pocket
      Thanks for the clarification, I misunderstood you ;x
    8. Crux
      Who said but me? Panamaxis, loco, Mario, Aldaron, Alex, yondie-- plenty of smart posters here

    9. ganj4lF
      Just to say that I love your posts in the "Tournament Usage Stats" thread, it's depressing that noone gets the point :/
    10. Acklow
      Hey, I have a question. I'm planning on going to Japan sometime in the summer. My friend and I want to visit Tokyo and she asked me to look for hotels in Tokyo to stay. Unfortunately I do not have any experience of knowing what hotels are good there so I was wondering if you had any tips or places you know of that offer decent rates. Also if you have any suggestions for tourist sites that would be awesome! :)
    11. alexwolf
      Yeah i agree Chou, Oda could have handled better Ace. Not a lot better, just a bit better (small bits of their reltaionship every so and then as you said). Just a tad more fleshing out of Ace would have been great, as you are right in saying that it felt a bit used the innate greatness os Ace's character as a crutch for real character relationship development. And i am saying just a bit better, and not a lot better for two reasons. We all know how focused the plot is on the SHs, and Ace was like a free bird and an adventurer, thus spending a lot of time with Luffy wouldn't make a lot of sense. Both brothers were supposed to be leaving their dream, and trying the hardest to achieve it, and this is why they didn't meet each other so often.
    12. alexwolf
      I can see where you are coming from with Ace too, as there have been deaths of much more important secondary characters in other shounen manga, Jiraya in Naruto for example. Would knowing Ace even better make us even sadder because he died? Definitely! But it was still very sad and toucing even though we didn't know him a lot. As for the backstory, Oda couldn't show it before Ace's death because it would feel out of place (it was kinda big to just stick it in the middle of the plot) and the whole ''Luffy i will never die'' speech of Ace would lose its meaning and the tragic irony that it represents. I was still crying over Ace's death, because i sympathized with the things he stood for, he had a very cool design, and their bond was really strong, even though Oda hadn't fleshed out their relationship. I really liked Ace's little fight with Akainu, as well as Ace's epic quote ''this era should be named after WB''. I don't think that Ace acted as an idiot, he just acted on impulse. Try and imagine getting your life saved in the last moment, when you had given up hope, and din't even know if you deserved to be born. Just try and imagine how much grattitude you would have for the person that showed you that your life mattered, and came to save you (WB). Now try and imagine someone ridiculing him in the worst way, right after he has saved you. Ace's action was totally justified! So with that being said, not knowing Ace well enough wasn't one of the major problems in the War, imo.

      As i said again, my two main gripes with the War, was the lack of Haki display (huge plothole) and the whole ''Luffy leading WB's attack'' fiasco, which implied that without Luffy, WB wouldn't have even released Ace.
    13. ShinyAzelf
      sure, no problem.

      Im gone for a week, so I'll catch you when Im back!
    14. sandshrewz
      哈哈哈哈。我的话语也很烂!我不是中国人~是新加坡人。对汉语有兴趣很好啊!我没有设么可以交到你的哈哈哈 xD no you are spamming me with chinese hahaha.
    15. ShinyAzelf
      hey! I have some updates for you. will you be on irc later?
    16. Jirachee
    17. ShinyAzelf
      all right! I'll be on #pokemon more often. message me if you are on and you see me, and I'll do the same!
    18. ShinyAzelf
      hey chou, any chance you can hop on to irc in about 2 hours? will you still be online then? I have a lesson that starts in about 10 minutes, and ends in 2 hours. I think itd be more convenient if we talked there!

    19. Dark Fallen Angel
      Dark Fallen Angel
      Replying to your post here

      I disagree. Just the fact that Grass hits Water, Ground, and Rock super-effectively makes it a better STAB to have than Steel. This is because the types that Steel hits super-effectively are very rare and it is also resisted by a lot of Pokémon. However, what is true is that Grass will never get perfect coverage when paired with anything (assuming that you are using just two attacks) because no matter which type you pair with Grass, there is always a type that wall both attacks. So, you paired Grass with Ice? You are walled by Fire-types and Steel-types. You paired with Fire? No longer walled by Steels, but now you have problems with Dragon-types and didn't solved your problem with Fire-types. Rock hits super-effectively every type that threathens Grass (except Poison), including Fire, but good luck trying to get past Steel-types. However, the combination of Grass-, Poison-, and Fire-type attacks has surprisingly fantastic coverage (it only misses out Heatran). Yes, I am speaking of Venusaur's STABs combined with HP Fire.
    20. ShinyAzelf
      hey chou toshio. long time no talk. hows it been??
    21. Pocket
      I agree, BW is sooo much more diverse than previous gens
    22. Lee
      anywhere that somebody could read the manga adorning your profile online? i've no quarrels with buying them - I dropped about £300 on DB and DBZ - but would like to thoroughly sample them first!
    23. Deck Knight
    24. Matthew
      I actually cannot it's a private movie site.
    25. Matthew
      found said torrent! in 720p too, I am so great i am so great
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