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Chou Toshio
Last Activity:
Sep 15, 2014 at 7:38 PM
Aug 16, 2007
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September 11
Tokyo Central Bank

Chou Toshio

@Fighting Necktie, Male, from Tokyo Central Bank

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http://ironcheffans.info/episodes/1998/IC631.avi Aug 6, 2014

Chou Toshio was last seen:
Sep 15, 2014 at 7:38 PM
    1. GatoDelFuego
      Have you finally figured out a name for the plan?
    2. Danilo
      Who are the advers u surveyed
    3. WaterBomb
      haha bro I was calling Chinchou a troll, not you! <3
    4. Melee Mewtwo
      Melee Mewtwo
      1. Melee Mewtwo
        Melee Mewtwo
        It would be an interesting way to please both crowds and would definitely like to see if you could make this a thing. (This is more a support VM than anything constructive but since only half the post actually talked about the dual metas I wanted to make it clear which bit I supported rather than just clicking like)
        Aug 12, 2013
    5. Curtains
      your post are good brother. you should be OU tier leader or councilman.
    6. Doughboy
      Thank you.
    7. ShootingStarmie
      Thank you. Both sets are being added to the OP.
    8. ChaosABliss
    9. alexwolf
      Yeah, i am definitely looking forward the next one, keep up the good work Chou! Also damn, those One Piece breaks are killing me :(
      1. Chou Toshio
        Chou Toshio
        lol-- definitely!
        Jul 19, 2013
    10. alexwolf
      Just tried to take the survey and it said that it is closed... Is it indeed closed, because you said it will remain open until 500 people try it or if 2 weeks pass, or is there something wrong?
      1. Chou Toshio
        Chou Toshio
        Yeah, initially I was going to do that. But apparently, with only a free account, I tap out at 250 respondents (it doesn't show me more data than the first 250). So I closed it early. :/ Currently though, I am taking the feedback and learning experience to make a better follow up survey, so please look forward to it. :)
        Jul 19, 2013
    11. Soul Fly
      Soul Fly
      Excellent survey.
      I do wish you had more slots because I'd have loved to answer it, so would have many other people who got to know it with me on IRC.
      1. Chou Toshio
        Chou Toshio
        I'll try making another one later so keep eyes posted. I think I've learned enough from doing this one that I could make a BETTER one next time. There are lots of flaws with the questions/survey structure I've uncovered in the process of doing this.
        Jul 15, 2013
    12. Philip7086
      lmao, amazing avatar.
      1. Oopa likes this.
      2. Oopa
        Jul 13, 2013
    13. Pocket
      ty for posting in less conservative suspect posting thread - you more or less expressed my own thoughts
    14. Magcargo
      HAPPY 7000th post!
    15. Arcticblast
      Hey, can we talk sometime? A user sent me an Other Metagame request very similar to an old thread of yours (I knew I'd seen the concept somewhere...) and I was wondering if you had anything to say about it.
    16. Furosuto
      Quick Chou! Which one do you think doesn't suck as much, Bleach or Naruto?
    17. Goddess Briyella
    18. LonelyNess
    19. Pwnemon
      thank you
    20. Pocket
      Thanks for the clarification, I misunderstood you ;x
    21. Crux
      Who said but me? Panamaxis, loco, Mario, Aldaron, Alex, yondie-- plenty of smart posters here

    22. ganj4lF
      Just to say that I love your posts in the "Tournament Usage Stats" thread, it's depressing that noone gets the point :/
    23. Acklow
      Hey, I have a question. I'm planning on going to Japan sometime in the summer. My friend and I want to visit Tokyo and she asked me to look for hotels in Tokyo to stay. Unfortunately I do not have any experience of knowing what hotels are good there so I was wondering if you had any tips or places you know of that offer decent rates. Also if you have any suggestions for tourist sites that would be awesome! :)
    24. alexwolf
      Yeah i agree Chou, Oda could have handled better Ace. Not a lot better, just a bit better (small bits of their reltaionship every so and then as you said). Just a tad more fleshing out of Ace would have been great, as you are right in saying that it felt a bit used the innate greatness os Ace's character as a crutch for real character relationship development. And i am saying just a bit better, and not a lot better for two reasons. We all know how focused the plot is on the SHs, and Ace was like a free bird and an adventurer, thus spending a lot of time with Luffy wouldn't make a lot of sense. Both brothers were supposed to be leaving their dream, and trying the hardest to achieve it, and this is why they didn't meet each other so often.
    25. alexwolf
      I can see where you are coming from with Ace too, as there have been deaths of much more important secondary characters in other shounen manga, Jiraya in Naruto for example. Would knowing Ace even better make us even sadder because he died? Definitely! But it was still very sad and toucing even though we didn't know him a lot. As for the backstory, Oda couldn't show it before Ace's death because it would feel out of place (it was kinda big to just stick it in the middle of the plot) and the whole ''Luffy i will never die'' speech of Ace would lose its meaning and the tragic irony that it represents. I was still crying over Ace's death, because i sympathized with the things he stood for, he had a very cool design, and their bond was really strong, even though Oda hadn't fleshed out their relationship. I really liked Ace's little fight with Akainu, as well as Ace's epic quote ''this era should be named after WB''. I don't think that Ace acted as an idiot, he just acted on impulse. Try and imagine getting your life saved in the last moment, when you had given up hope, and din't even know if you deserved to be born. Just try and imagine how much grattitude you would have for the person that showed you that your life mattered, and came to save you (WB). Now try and imagine someone ridiculing him in the worst way, right after he has saved you. Ace's action was totally justified! So with that being said, not knowing Ace well enough wasn't one of the major problems in the War, imo.

      As i said again, my two main gripes with the War, was the lack of Haki display (huge plothole) and the whole ''Luffy leading WB's attack'' fiasco, which implied that without Luffy, WB wouldn't have even released Ace.
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    人の善意は信じますが、やられたらやり返す。。。 倍返しだ!!
    "I believe in human good will, but if someone screws with me, I'll screw him back... PAID IN DOUBLE!!" (from Hanzawa Naoki)
    http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/outheorymon-120229654 TRIPLE BIRD (Gale Wings Mence kick-ass)


    September 11
    Tokyo Central Bank
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    Loves to eat
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