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May 28, 2015 at 2:19 PM
Aug 12, 2010
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Aug 3, 1993 (Age: 21)
GMT -8 (Pacific Time)


21, from GMT -8 (Pacific Time)

CinnamonBunYogurt was last seen:
Viewing forum, May 28, 2015 at 2:19 PM
    1. Zacchaeus
      Happy birthday
    2. Shiny Mew2
      Shiny Mew2
      Hey, don't worry about me hogging the grinder. I've finished my own.
    3. forks
      then it sounds like you should be talking to lancerwiked instead!
    4. Rawbi
      Found the lighthouse diamond in Lotus Village! Haven't found the other one yet.
    5. Layell
      I have found both of the NH ones but have not taken either for my own. However I felt one of the hiding spots was a bit obvious so I did something special to it :D
    6. Lady Salamence
      Lady Salamence
      Happy Birthday!
    7. jirachii
      Meet me online for zoroark
    8. PkmTrnrRed
      I forgot to pm my wifi's been working for a while just plum forgot about you apologies. You shoulda bugged me sooner xD
    9. PkmTrnrRed
      I cant trade right now sorry. And I'm under no obligation to give you clones of a pokemon you redeem credits for. Keep that in mind, I'll do it for you just this once though.
      I'll VM again when I can trade.Wifi is down right now for me :/
    10. pokemon123456
      I gotta go for now, but PM whenever you have time and hopefully we can work it out.
    11. pokemon123456
      That'd be awesome. I wish I would've seen this earlier. I got someone to put Pain Split on Forretress earlier today, so I only need Ice Punch on Azelf now. But if you could do it, I'd be ecstatic. My FC should be in my sig, I'll wait in wifi.
    12. pokemon123456
      No RNG and no Arceus... I need Forretress to learn Pain Split and Azelf to learn Ice Punch. I have a few Impish Pinecos with Poison Spikes, either a Sassy or Relaxed Spiritomb with Destiny Bond, Shadow Ball, Dark Pulse, and Dream Eater, a Lonely or Naughty Cranidos with Crunch, a lv. 70 UT Modest Lugia, a lv. 50 UT Serious Mesprit, a lv. 70 UT Serious Rayquaza, a lv. 50 UT Quirky Moltres, any of that interest you?
    13. PkmTrnrRed
      No sorry I already got a pomeg berry. Thank you anyway though :3
    14. pokemon123456
      I'll offer what I can. I'm able to breed a lot of different Pokemon and will get whatever nature/eggmoves you want, I have a lot of items/TMS, and some legendaries. Tell me what you're looking for and I'll let you know if I can make it happen.
    15. GunblazeGriffin
      I tried that before, and people outside my network couldn't connect...I'm almost certain my ISP blocks the port. If I can get it to work, I definitely will.
    16. PkmTrnrRed
      You're welcome. Thanks for EV training.
    17. PkmTrnrRed
      kk, I'll be on wifi.
    18. PkmTrnrRed
      Kewl, I'll put you down for two credits, did you want to use those now?
    19. PkmTrnrRed
      I'd like them back as soon as possible if thats fine. I'll add your FC and hope on wifi.
    20. PkmTrnrRed
      Sweet, I don't like the EV modifier code because if you mess it up it makes the pokemon into a bad egg in PBR and thats pain to fix. Add my Diamond FC and let me know when you can pick them up. Each poke you train is worth one credit to my shop and you can keep a copy of the pokemon you've EV trained if you like I care not.
    21. PkmTrnrRed
      Ok kewl, you dont use AR to EV train do you I have to ask o3o
    22. PkmTrnrRed
      Someones taking the Venasaur and Jirachi sorry...o.o
    23. PkmTrnrRed
      Yeah, I'll let you EV train for me heres a list of stuff I need EV trained pick which ones you want to do.
    24. ninja_kitty143
      I actually have to clean up my PC today. Clean out extras, rearrange, prepare Pokemon for being listed, etc. Would you be available tomorrow?
    25. ninja_kitty143
      Well depending on what you need the reference for, there's a different procedure. If it's for your own thread you make it up, but if it's for someone else then you use their procedure.

      But let it be known that you are a perfectly apt EV trainer. You were very punctual in your training, accurate with the EVs, and put up with my shortcomings and the crazy trading I made you do to shuffle Pokemon around.
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    I am a proud member of the SS.

    Pearl (Nemo): 3996 7158 7021
    Soul Silver (Reverie): 2493 8183 5648
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    Aug 3, 1993 (Age: 21)
    GMT -8 (Pacific Time)
    Real Name:
    John Doe
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    DP Friend Code:
    3996 7158 7021
    HGSS Friend Code:
    2493 8183 5648
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    4598 8791 8581
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