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Last Activity:
Jul 26, 2014
Jan 17, 2011
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Ckarasu was last seen:
Jul 26, 2014
    1. ohmysnake
      Could you hatch egg instead of me? I can give you another shiny pokemon instead!
    2. LetsHarmonize
      Hello! Could you please add me in game? I'd really like access to your friend safari. My FC is 0189-9592-8424. My FS contains Aipom, Mincinno, and Smeargle.
    3. Caligo
      Hello there :)
      Could you hatch an Egg for me?
      would reward you with 4-5 iv pokemon
    4. KimTheHuman
      Hey there :D I have been searching for a friend safari with both gyarados and frogadier and I hope you're still accepting fcodes :) I'll add you up as soon as possible and here is my code, 1719-3552-3674 . My friend safari is steel typed and contains ferroseed,skarmory and klefki so I hope they'll be of use to you :D Please and thank you.
    5. Kinnis
      I have an egg that matches your TSV, could you please hatch it for me? The best I have in return is Pokerus, or if I happen to have a Pokémon you need.
    6. xXPuppetMM2Xx
      Could you hatch my egg for me please?
      1. Ckarasu
        Mind waiting until wednesday? I have to hatch some other peoples' eggs and clear my friend list.
        Nov 24, 2013
    7. macmaniac77
      Hey I would like you to hatch a shiny for me please, you can add me at 5172 1095 8572, I have already added you.
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      2. Ckarasu
        In game name is Chad.
        Nov 18, 2013
      3. macmaniac77
        hatched the wrong egg soooo yeah.... kill me now please
        Nov 18, 2013
      4. Ckarasu
        Well, that sure stinks.
        Nov 18, 2013
    8. BobDoily
      I saw that you have Gyara and Frog, mind adding me? FC: 1993-8067-1850 Ghost - shuppet spiritomb pumpkaboo
    9. epamolarcoiii
      hi its my first time to use the shiny method, im hatching an eevee. my FC is
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