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Nov 15, 2014
Jun 23, 2012
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from Spheal @ Thick Club

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Nov 15, 2014
    1. NixHex
      /me club your cubby little head with a Thick Club.
    2. Electrolyte
      seed bomb is indeed fine. We could even start a trend :D
      Here's the MS set I think you should run:
      Heatran @ Air Balloon
      Timid nature, 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
      Magma Storm / Sunny Day / SolarBeam / Roar

      HP Ice/SR/EP can be used in the last slot, depending on what the team has trouble with. You might think it's weird to have Sunny Day on a sand team, but it has a lot of usefulness in that it kills Politoed better than your current MS. Does. It also transforms Tran into a temporary sweeper- as it's MS. OHKO most pokemon in the sun. You can also just switch to Ttar whenever you want to bring Sand back up.

      Remember, the team has a lot more problems with Toed than with Tales- so giving Sun a bit of leway to totally overthrow Rain is the best idea here.
    3. Electrolyte
      SB amoonguss? Why not Giga Drain? Beat Keldeo?
      if you use MSTran use Sunny Day+SolarBeam. SR can be put on Ttar.
      just a few quick suggestions :)
    4. Electrolyte
      sorry I had to go man
      PM me the link again, and I'll help you ASAP
    5. Electrolyte
      the latter makes more sense to me *twitches* xD
    6. Electrolyte
      how the heck do you only have ~50 posts I see you everywhere
    7. NixHex
      That is the most cruel way to skin someone. A dull club. *shudders*
    8. NixHex
      So is your name about a seal cub who goes clubbing (like to night clubs) or a seal cub who clubs? I'm pretty sure it's the latter judging by your avatar but I had to be sure.
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