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Feb 5, 2015
Nov 18, 2009
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from Atlanta

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Feb 5, 2015
    1. andrea
      Hi! You're here!!!! Meet me on the Skarmbliss PO server? My name is shandrea since someone already registered my actual name.
    2. andrea
      Welllll its midnight here so guess I'll look for you tomorrow again. I will be home til 3:30 PM EST then I'm off to work. If you have a time in the morning you are available I can be here to play.
    3. andrea
      Do you use IRC by any chance? You can click the link in my sig and enter a name and message me from there when you're back... I'll be here pretty much the rest of the night.
    4. andrea
      It's okay. ^_^ Tomorrow I'll be home at 4:30 pm est (work in the morning for once). Let me know any specific time that works for you and i can make sure to be here then!
    5. andrea
      Alrighty guess I'll see you tomorrow then!
    6. andrea
      I'm available up til 4 PM EST any time this week. What about you?
    7. Steven Snype
      Steven Snype
      you disconnected from the server. try again and we'll do same moves
    8. Steven Snype
      Steven Snype
      your internet fine?
    9. Steven Snype
      Steven Snype
      i'll be waiting today on IRC. Just PM me there when you're fine to play.
    10. Steven Snype
      Steven Snype
      i'll ask alaka if we can have this extension. it'd suck to have a coin flip this far. he'll probably let us have the time.
    11. Steven Snype
      Steven Snype
      i'm available to play anytime i'm on IRC. just hit me up there and we can play
    12. Jared
    13. -Tsunami-
    14. Alakapimp
      So I can extend to the ninth, but I'm not so sure about the 13th, do you think you can play on the 9th?
    15. Steven Snype
      Steven Snype
      that sounds fine to me
    16. Steven Snype
      Steven Snype
      Hi. It looks like we're opponents for Round 5 of the VGC '11 Tournament. Unfortunately, I am out of state and I won't have PO access until the weekend of July 9th. Can we shoot for playing around then? I've already talked to Alaka about this and he said he'd give us an extension for this match. Is that date fine for you?
    17. comatthew6
      that's fine I'll ask for an extension until June 25.
    18. Alakapimp
      Yeah, I saw your post, but GreySong's last round opponent was inactive, so I moved him on in hopes he might play anyway. If he doesn't play you will just move on to the next round.
    19. GreySong
      Hey! lol Yeah, I had to drop out due to school and such. lol Thanks for the good luck for the finals, and I wish you luck for the rest of the tournament!! :)
    20. Athenodoros
    21. Athenodoros
      Want to battle now?
    22. Athenodoros
      I''m afraid I won''t be able to make tomorrow morning, because I''ve found myself on the wrong computer. How would you feel about Sunday morning your time or maybe ~5:00 in the afternoon?
    23. Athenodoros
      Next weekend should be fine. I'll keep an eye out for you around this time as well, because clearly we are both on. Unfortunately I have to leave in a few minutes and can't do now.
    24. Athenodoros
      I'm going away until Sunday and then I have three hellish days until Wednesday, but after that I should be able to do almost anything, within reason. I'm GMT +11, and later night is probably best. How about you?
    25. Lady Salamence
      Lady Salamence
      I have to drop out...
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    Nashville 2009 - Top 16th (Lost to IPL)
    Atlanta 2010 - Prelim Round 3 (Lost to MattJ)
    Atlanta VGC Warstory


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