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Aug 8, 2012
Jun 10, 2010
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Aug 8, 2012
    1. Agammemnon
      I actually can be online from 2pm to 4am for my timezone, so yeah
      I usually land on French time, you can easily find me there, or catch me with a VM here if I'm online.
    2. Agammemnon
      Hey dude, we"re paired for PVS tournament !
      When can you play ?
      I'm GMT+2 and on holidays, let's setup something.

      Have a nice day.
    3. AB2
      sometime this weekend would be cool
    4. CakesOfSpan
      Pokemon Online since Smogon is down :s
    5. CakesOfSpan
      Im on PO if you want to play now
    6. CakesOfSpan
      Let's shoot for 5 if that's alright.
    7. CakesOfSpan
      It's fine, and yeah that should work - any time in particular?
    8. CakesOfSpan
      I'm GMT -5 as well, but I'm usually not free until 7 PM EST, any chance you could do it around then?
    9. CakesOfSpan
      What times can you play the point value tourney at?
    10. The Wolf
      The Wolf
      Okay, I will send you a pm as soon as possible because I'm supposed to pick the first Pokemon.
    11. The Wolf
      The Wolf
      That's fine with me. What timezone are you in? My timezone is GMT -5. Also, would you prefer to pick your Pokemon over in pm, or on irc?
    12. goofball
      next week is fine. My times are in my sig. If you have any specific time you want me to be on, I'll see if I can.
    13. Maaf
      Okay, go for tomorrow
    14. Maaf
      Tonight same times/when you can ?
    15. Maaf
      Okay, so we have to play for UU Tournament. Can we battle tonight between 7 PM and 1-2 AM GMT+2 ?
    16. sharkz
      hey man, looks like we're paired together for the UU tourney, I'm in GMT +8, and I'm usually free around 4pm (gmt+8) to 6pm. when are you free?
    17. Toaster
      Just going to remind you that this weekend is the last before the deadline ends. You'll probably have to schedule an earlier timing because I'm stuffed with real life stuff by midday. Although if that isn't possible I'll try my best to come at that given time.
    18. Kevin Garrett
      Kevin Garrett
      How about now?
    19. Athenodoros
      Let's both leave the server and come back, see if that solves the problem. We may need to try again another time at this rate.
    20. Athenodoros
      No, mine does too. Maybe it is a server problem. I think we need a rematch. I'll challenge you now.
    21. Athenodoros
      It looks like it froze. Have you done anything your end? Because I can't see anything at mine. I think we will have to rematch, which is a shame. By the way, my timer is being run down, even though I have selected a move.
    22. Athenodoros
      I'll see you there.
    23. Toaster
      Saturday would be awesome. I'm GMT -5.
    24. Athenodoros
      Well, after that we'll probably have to schedule a new time. How about around 17:00 on Wednesday?
    25. Athenodoros
      By my count, there is still 20 minutes until time. However, Lab looks like it is still down. Do you want to meet on CAP?
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    Outrage: One click win.

    (15:20) yellow: i don't see why any team shouldn't have a scraggy
    (15:20) yellow: it even has gg in its name
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