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complete legitimacy
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Jul 12, 2014 at 10:08 AM
Nov 18, 2011
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Nov 18, 1997 (Age: 16)

complete legitimacy

Honko's Happy Funtime With Men, 16

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Viewing thread, Jul 12, 2014 at 10:08 AM
    1. /B/utterfree
      Very well. I am an avid fan of Ubers just trying to make use of some good RU mons in an RU team.
    2. McMeghan
      Ok, i'll wait you on Groudon's Grotto.
    3. Texas Cloverleaf
      Texas Cloverleaf
      oh thats a soccer (football) player

      i legit thought it was a pedophile
    4. Texas Cloverleaf
      Texas Cloverleaf
      please change your avatar, it creeps me out

      like srsly
    5. Pocket
      Just a friendly reminder that your Cloyster OU Analysis is feeling lonely ;(
    6. TalkingLion
      Hey we have to battle for the counter pick tourny and the helping hand tourny. My timezone is GMT-5 and I wont be able to battle until late Monday night but let me know what works for you.
    7. Asbestospoison
    8. Lunar.
      alright im on as lunar
    9. Slifer Slacker
    10. Lunar.
      hey you around? we need to play for lady lucks's lottery tournament and i wanna get it done
    11. McMeghan
      I built my Regional Tournament team, so i'm ready to play.
      You can find me on IRC as McMeghan (#spl, #pokemon), just PM me there and we'll play.
      Also, my timezone is gmt+1, and i check my VM here really often.
    12. Farfan
    13. Lunar.
      hey we are paired up for lady luck's lottery tournament, im EST and im ready pretty much whenever you are.
    14. Omicron
      Yea just go ahead and do Sigilyph
    15. Zebraiken
      I'll post it. Be sure to get Shelgon up in time, and thanks!!
    16. Zebraiken
      hey, how far have you gotten on alomomomomola's nu analysis? they're due by tomorrow, and if you don't have time to write up both of your reserved analyses i can take alomomola off your hands :)
    17. Sy123
      Can we battle now?
      My team is all ready
    18. Sy123
      So are you unavailable now or?
    19. Sy123
      Ok then, please get access to Pokemon Online as soon as you can please, I want to get this battle done, we are 15 hours apart so:

      A) Night time for me, morning for you
      B) Morning for me, night time for you

      On weekends either would work fine, on weekdays it would be plan B
      However school is coming up for me soon as well
    20. Sy123
      Hello, I am your opponent for Round 1 of the "Regional Tournament III", my team is ready, and I am GMT +10

      Tell me your GMT and when you are mostly on
    21. yondie
      ya go on treehouse server ill be on as yondie
    22. yondie
      no and i suggest irc
    23. yondie
      um idk just pm me on irc when you're online
    24. HBK
      Hey can you play now?
    25. Max212
      .... Bro I have been asking if you were able to play for the past week and you didn't respond until today. I don't know how we will do this since I can't play at all today, I was trying to get a match with you long before the deadline.

      New World Order may need to do a coinflip for this match, but i've been asking you to play for awhile now and you respond on the last day expecting that I will be able to play for sure. Would've been nice if you gave me at least a days notice.
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    Nov 18, 1997 (Age: 16)
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    Strong willed
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