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  • Alright. The two direction keypresses have never really given me a problem so I imagine you're set. :)
    If you can trade, I have a good male Xatu that I used for my Sigilyph and you'd be welcome to it. So glad you finally caught that bastard! :)
    1 Acronym. NPC.
    There are a crap load of NPC's in the desert. they are jumping your frame. Wgat you can do is:
    Go a higher PID frame, or just keep trying to hit your seed. and pause your game as soon as you enter the game. trust me. you have to be extremely quick and skilled to do this.

    searching a higher frame gives you more of a xhance to hit your PID frame.
    Yeppers. If you can hit your seed then it's just a matter of knowing where you start and advancing. Easier said than done, I know. :) I would suggest starting over and making certain that you know your starting frame. Since, if you know your starting frame for sure, the next time you hit your seed you'll get what you wanted.
    Oh, that sucks. =( I had to change my router to WEP for that reason. I've heard some people say that some frames always have the timer0 goof. However, if tha is true, it must be incredibly uncommon. I have had some frames where timer0 gave me hell, but never one that I couldn't hit my seed at least sometimes on. That definitely isn't your problem since you hit your seed at least twice. You just have to hit your PID on one of the times that you get your seed. timer0 will mess with your seed but if you get your seed, it doesn't effect your PID.
    So it sounds like you got it? If so, congrats. I looked up your seed and it looks like you understand what was going on perfectly. There are a ridiculous number of NPCs in that area so even a slight delay in getting to the menu can have an effect. I'm sure that's why you skipped to serious Darumakka the first time. You mentioned a Marractus popping up with the wrong ivs; that was likely just a little timer0 variance. If you don't already have one and you feel like taking a shortcut with the father, I am pretty sure I still have the Xatu I bred to be a father, flawless iirc and possibly with a bold or timid nature. You'd be welcome to it.
    ph it doesn't have to be a Stationary, capure a wild pokemon but in a Non Moving NPC zone
    To find a frame you have to give all the DS Parameters to the person. Also, i am currently busy doing 4th Gen breeding so I won't be able to find a frame for you.

    Look over bearfans video's on the wild capture. I think you should capture a wild Stationary pokemon to help you better understand the process before you attempt NPC area pokemon.
    No the right part of time finder doesn't matter for wild captures for BW RNG. You got the right seed, you should just be on the main page with the Method 5 PIDRNG
    check the IV for that maractus as I think your timero or keypresses are not right.
    No, never do no chatot calls on NPC moving areas, this does not give you a consistant result.
    then yea it's gotta be that 55 frame for Sigi, so yea 52 would be your SSF. I would suggest to try and find the frame with 2 chatot or 4 chatot calls to verify, but if you are certain then yes go for it.

    After you get accustomed to the speed and stuff, you will find that you only need to find 1 frame like how you got with this Calm sigi to be certain of your SSF, people only do multiple calls if they are not sure, cause some frames have similar pokemon stats. This happens when the amount of pokemon in the Location isn't as many as Desert Resort, and you will have like for example LV 21 Sandile on Both slot 4 and Slot 6 on Relic Castle, and similar attributes show up close to eaxh other where you need to do more verifying. Don't get confused by this lol I think i just threw at you more then you need right now xD
    Yes that is fine, if you don't tap fast enough the npc will advance the frame by which in this case 2 npc adv frames + 1 extra chatot call will make you new frame, 3 frames from your 1 chatot call.

    You are in the right track.
    ok, yea those are the right steps in figuring where your SSF starting frame is.
    lol you forgot to get rid of the Modest and Ability 0 filter at the top.You have to reset those to Any. you just filtered it that one tikme to figure out the frames of your capture with the 1 chatot call. When you make other attempts you have to reset those filter to Any or filter with your new pokes attributes so it can show all the new results to try to find your new frame you hit.
    No No No, there are many synch natures. How do you get 1569 is not right. Show me a picture of your RNg Reporter how you have it set up.
    Well i still think you should do the process again and chatot call one more than your previou attempt, but if you are confident this is your SSF, then Subtract the chatot calls you made to get that frame ( if you made 1 chatot call then 68-1 = 67). This result frame will be your SSF.

    Now subtract your SSF from your Target Frame, the frame that the Sigiglyph you want is at. So let's say your Sigi is on frame 143. then you would do 143-67= 76. Hence, you will make 76 chatot calls on your next attempt to reach that frame where your Sigiglyph is at.
    No it is always above the RNG calculated frame, that is why in the beginning I told you to click that button before you generated your results. Also, yes if it is not bold it will not be synch frame. You can just check on Synch natures Only box to see which frame are synch or like
    I said generate the results with a Nature Synch with the nature of your synchronizer.

    don;t worry you are not annoying me, everyone has questions when they are learning, as I did when I learned. Don't worry about it.
    No you are actually calculating the SSF right now (which should be highier than frame 46, the Reporter calculated starting frame).

    Now with those two frames that you got. Your SSF should be withing 20-30 frames of your Reporter calculated frame. So if one of the results is within that, that may be it. if both are within that then. Do the process again but this time make 1 more chatot call. Search for the result next to one of those frames think it is now.
    Ok so on the filter you would put:

    nature = Modest
    Ability = 0 (intimidate)
    Slot = 0

    look at the results, then look for a female ( F) in the 50% gender column
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