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Oct 31, 2014 at 5:58 AM
Sep 14, 2009
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Viewing forum list, Oct 31, 2014 at 5:58 AM
    1. jumpluff
      I hope everything is going well with you right now :)
    2. metsrule158
      um... TheImmortalBeast guy hasnt worked on his Vullaby analysis since August 10th. may i take it over? i have informed him two times that he needs to work on it.
    3. NatGeo
      in the same boat as iconic here

      damn man, I hope everything goes well with the operation. I can' teven imagine what it would be like but I really do hope that everything turns out well and that whatever is making you do this goes away once its done.
    4. tennisace
    5. Iconic
      sorry if this is random but i saw your loa post and vm to mekkah and i just wanted to let you know i hope everything goes well with your operation. i had open heart surgery when i was 3 so i know what it's like and it definitely hits home. take care dude
    6. Mekkah
      operation? o.o you mean like a surgery?
    7. Zephir
      I'm on smogon U, PM me when you are on :)
    8. Zephir
      yeah sorry man for your previous VM, it's ok for friday (i will be on SU)
    9. PoJ
      Hey, Crux, sorry for the random VM, but is Teddiursa really the 3rd best pokemon in all of LC?

      Edit: Sorry, I guess you considered my VM spam since you didn't reply (Which is ok, it kind of looks like it by the way I worded it). I was just curious because I'm using a Teddiursa on my team and I'm using a set I made (Not really, I'm just using Ursaring's standard set except on Teddi and with LC EVs :P) and I'm not sure if the set is effective because the analysis isn't complete yet. But from using it on PO, it's proved to be very useful! :D
    10. firecape
      I will
    11. firecape
      /me pet crux
    12. Ninahaza
      lol crap, i just saw your message after submitting my entry[iris]. thanks anyways :)
    13. Ninahaza
      Hey, I was wondering if I could have Bohemian Rhapsody for the karaoke competition. I couldnt really tell if you were planning to do it from your post but I'd appreciate it very much :)
    14. gookie
      hi, we're partnered for lc101. i'll be on and off #littlecup so just message me or vice versa if you seen me on!
    15. firecape
      tread carefully or you may soon find yourself burned...
    16. Nexus
    17. little gk
    18. pimpgangster
      Hey. When you get a chance could you please look over this analysis for Kricketot. It's my first analysis so your help would be appreciated

      EDIT Doesn't Matter SA just did it
    19. Shii
      iunno 8D
    20. pimpgangster
      Hello i am paired with you for LC 101. Do you want to get together and discuss things sometime
    21. Soto
      My GMT -3 and can play whenever you want, just tell me when you can.
    22. Crux
      I dont even know Gmax or shade. Someone told me you were interested in hosting a big game and gk was interested. I dont see why you wouldnt ask him. But whatever, your loss.
    23. Lady Salamence
      Lady Salamence
      Sure, after shade redirects me to Gmax, and he says no before I even ask him, and then redirects me to CaptKirby. Yeah right I'd trust you.
    24. Lady Salamence
    25. Matthew
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