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Jan 16, 2017 at 4:17 PM
Oct 26, 2012
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The Lord Shepherd shall guideth ye cattle, from IDM

is a Past WCoP Championis a defending SPL Champion

S U D O W O O D O Sep 20, 2016

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Jan 16, 2017 at 4:17 PM
    1. Hot N Cold
      Hot N Cold

      mai 2 cents
    2. chimpact
      all up on the D VVVV smh
    3. Zukai
      your posts are the best on smogon
    4. LilOu
      im stupid
    5. Danilo
      where do u find all of these lil b gifs
    6. Hot N Cold
    7. Melee Mewtwo
      Melee Mewtwo
      Yeah, I noticed thanks for trying to get this done anyways. Maybe we'll play in two weeks :O.
    8. Melee Mewtwo
      Melee Mewtwo
      Oh, cool I think I got you just when you got on. Are you available?
    9. Melee Mewtwo
      Melee Mewtwo
      Hey, can you play now?

      Oops, nvm I was late.
    10. .Mx

      (21:22) Mx: Hi
      (21:23) BRD: helo
      (21:23) Mx: are you CTC on smogon forums?
      (21:23) BRD: lmao no
      (21:23) BRD: he can't ladder
      (21:23) Mx: lol, he was telling people he was you
      (21:24) BRD: he wishes
      (21:24) BRD: (22:24:14) 2ez: lol ok BRD
      (21:24) BRD: (22:24:16) 2ez: be a fht
      (21:24) BRD: that's ctc

      Nice try rank #291 random.
    11. .Mx
      lol, it makes no sense all the things you are saying noob.

      i stop playing in 2010, I only came back cause some friend told me to play in the po wc, and when I win the 1st place with LA,
      im going to stop playing again, players of these days sucks, just like U.

      I dont know who you are and dont care what you have to say, you are the one who posted in my wall, lol.

      jeez...with this flopamericans.
    12. .Mx
      I got bored of playing in smogon cause there was no real challenge and was full of randoms crying when they lose.

      Cheers, random #--

      It is a waste of time talking to you.

    13. .Mx

      This kind of mentally retarded users abound in this forum?

      I have the logs, bloo haxed Odin in BW and Odin won.
      Odin haxed bloo in dpp and Odin won.

      Complain whatever you want n00b, idiots need to shout cause their arguments are pathetic, simple as that.
    14. Ojama

      King CTC
    15. Melee Mewtwo
      Melee Mewtwo
      Sorry, it's 1:33AM here. I had just stayed up to watch Smash but I don't really feel awake enough to play an UPL match. Can we try to get this done tomorrow?
    16. Melee Mewtwo
      Melee Mewtwo
    17. Melee Mewtwo
      Melee Mewtwo
      Alright, so does sometime between 3PM and 6PM (for you, it would be 9-12 for me) sound okay?
    18. Melee Mewtwo
      Melee Mewtwo
      How long will you be on? I'd really hate to delay things any longer and we end up having trouble scheduling things.
    19. Melee Mewtwo
      Melee Mewtwo
      I didn't want to set up a battle to early since I had some connection problems earlier so I didn't get any playtesting in. I can play now, though, if you have the time.
    20. Melee Mewtwo
      Melee Mewtwo
      What's your GMT so that I have a general idea of when to see if you are on.
    21. Stex
      eh these days is difficult because im bad at school but sunday or saturday around the 23:30(in italy) i'll be on
    22. Melee Mewtwo
      Melee Mewtwo
      I devote wayyy too much time to Smogon so I should be really easy to setup a time to battle. Weekdays have to account for school but otherwise anytime after 7PMish Thursday and like after 3PMish Friday is good for me. Weekends I'm pretty much open all day long as long as you give me a specific time to be there. I'm GMT +1 btw, so I'm assuming the weekends is when we'll have to play.
    23. Fabian
    24. dice
    25. LilOu
      Yeah, the link links me there, but if I go to the RMT forum then OU teams, I can't find it anywhere.
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