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Oct 1, 2014 at 8:59 PM
Oct 26, 2012
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The Lord Shepherd shall guideth ye cattle, from IDM

is Smogon Frontier's Stadium Baronis a Past WCoP Winner

for ppl askin 4 teambuilding guides, theres an interview my boi joey did w me on the competitor that u can check out Aug 1, 2014

CTC was last seen:
Oct 1, 2014 at 8:59 PM
    1. Faint
    2. LuckOverSkill
      Last week I'll be available only in my morning and early afternoon because I have uni exams
    3. Delko
      Hi, we also have to battle for WCOP, I'm GMT+1.
      Good luck and have fun !
    4. FLCL
      i'm pretty sure grotto is dead so can we play on po main or something
    5. LuckOverSkill
      Hi we have to battle for r1 of wcop

      I'm GMT+1 and I will be available most days after 8 PM my time from next week, I can't play in the weekends
    6. FLCL
      we have to battle for upl, when are you available? i'm gmt-7
    7. Faint
      can you please contact FLCL for upl
    8. BKC
      your post in wcop regarding team asia made me cry tears of laughter
    9. .Mx
    10. .Mx
      Cool bro, I'm glad I inspire you, but BRD
      Why are you so mad? Try to understand, that I do want you as a fan
      I just don't want you to do some crazy shit.

      I gave the win to mcm cause my team already won and also I'm retired, I don't play poke anymore. Maybe four years ago i would've care about this, cheers beloved fan ;)
    11. dice
    12. Hot N Cold
      Hot N Cold

      Nah, morning in 1 hour lo! I'm gonna to wait so no spirits and ghost :x

      And same, gutnait
    13. Hot N Cold
      Hot N Cold

      mai 2 cents
    14. chimpact
      all up on the D VVVV smh
    15. Zukai
      your posts are the best on smogon
    16. LilOuOn
      im stupid
    17. Danilo
      where do u find all of these lil b gifs
    18. Hot N Cold
    19. Melee Mewtwo
      Melee Mewtwo
      Yeah, I noticed thanks for trying to get this done anyways. Maybe we'll play in two weeks :O.
    20. Melee Mewtwo
      Melee Mewtwo
      Oh, cool I think I got you just when you got on. Are you available?
    21. Melee Mewtwo
      Melee Mewtwo
      Hey, can you play now?

      Oops, nvm I was late.
    22. .Mx

      (21:22) Mx: Hi
      (21:23) BRD: helo
      (21:23) Mx: are you CTC on smogon forums?
      (21:23) BRD: lmao no
      (21:23) BRD: he can't ladder
      (21:23) Mx: lol, he was telling people he was you
      (21:24) BRD: he wishes
      (21:24) BRD: (22:24:14) 2ez: lol ok BRD
      (21:24) BRD: (22:24:16) 2ez: be a fht
      (21:24) BRD: that's ctc

      Nice try rank #291 random.
    23. .Mx
      lol, it makes no sense all the things you are saying noob.

      i stop playing in 2010, I only came back cause some friend told me to play in the po wc, and when I win the 1st place with LA,
      im going to stop playing again, players of these days sucks, just like U.

      I dont know who you are and dont care what you have to say, you are the one who posted in my wall, lol.

      jeez...with this flopamericans.
    24. .Mx
      I got bored of playing in smogon cause there was no real challenge and was full of randoms crying when they lose.

      Cheers, random #--

      It is a waste of time talking to you.

    25. .Mx

      This kind of mentally retarded users abound in this forum?

      I have the logs, bloo haxed Odin in BW and Odin won.
      Odin haxed bloo in dpp and Odin won.

      Complain whatever you want n00b, idiots need to shout cause their arguments are pathetic, simple as that.
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    [2:33:48 PM] Problems: i just sit around the street corner playing po and doing 5g lines of meth


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