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May 26, 2010
May 4, 2010
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San Diego


from San Diego

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May 26, 2010
    1. Git
      Can you please tell me what time you can pick up the Glaceon?
    2. sophies
      hello, this post is regarding youpods rilou giveaway if you have not recieved it yet,
      please vm me for your copy when you see me online. *note ill WILL NOT be on this weekend
      so try to get a hold of me during the week.
      The other two distributors are: (if you cannot get a hold of me)
      2. Rawrior
      3. monsoonbeast
    3. Saints Fan
      Saints Fan
      Sure, when we see each other online. my wifi access will be sketchy for the next week or so. If i don't get to you, try asking in the simple requests sticky in the wifi forum.
    4. Cyan-
      Hey, sure...but I haven't even gotten it yet!
    5. GriZz
      hey can you give me FattyButt"s Riolu when you get a copy?
    6. Cyan-
      I'm just putting it ona reg. team for now...
    7. Saints Fan
      Saints Fan
      Well, are you making a rain dance team or putting kabuto into a regular team?
    8. Saints Fan
      Saints Fan
      Electrivire should have max speed and max attack. 6 HP/ 252 ATK/ 252 SPE
      Oh, and I have a feeling you wanted me to see those posts underneath this one. :p
      I only get the notifications if you post them on my wall.
      Thanks, the scyther will be nice, I'll send over one of my own breeds on that one.
    9. Cyan-
      When I get a good Scyther I'll give one to you, so far I've gotten 3 IV Spreads...getting close to 4! They also come with baton pass, so when you evolve it into Scizor, you can use it to pass on swords dance and agility...that's what I plan to do :P
    10. Cyan-
      Thanks so much!
    11. Cyan-
      Im coming!
    12. Cyan-
    13. Saints Fan
      Saints Fan
      Hey, I'm online, I don't see you. Make sure you have my heart gold FC registered and not my platinum. I've stopped using my Plat FC since we last talked.
    14. Saints Fan
      Saints Fan
      Actually, nevermind it is registered
    15. Saints Fan
      Saints Fan
      I can get on now, but what's your FC, I don't think I've added you yet. Mine is in the sig or the about me tab above
    16. Cyan-
      MY FC's 1548 8029 4552
    17. Cyan-
      Oh man, that's frieken awesome!! Ok, I'll send you a sweet Elekid!
    18. Saints Fan
      Saints Fan
      Sure, I'll send over that Kabuto you originally asked for
    19. Saints Fan
      Saints Fan
      Good, good, although, I'd try again for the IVs because Electrivire really needs the Speed. Go for something like:
      31/31/31/X/31/31 HP/ATT/DEF/SPA/SPD/SPE
      It only really needs Attack and speed to be 31, SPA doesn't matter for it. The HP DEF and SPD are good to have better IVs of course, but they're not the biggest necessity.

      Also, you are using a flawless ditto aren't you? People will give you one for free around here, and It'll make breeding for 4 flawless IVs really easy.

      That elekid you hatched looks really good for a prent btw.
    20. ankyfdarkness
      It has been going well. My birthday was on the 7th so happiness there.:) I have also finished breeding these pokes to put in my new trade thread that I put up over the week!

      Machamp @ Lefties
      Nature: Adamant
      Ability: No Guard
      Gender: Male
      Ivs: 31/30/20/31/27/31
      Evs: 252 hp/ 252 atk/ 6 spe
      Lv: 51
      Moves: Cross Chop, DynamicPunch, Thunder Punch, Bullet Punch


      Purugly, NN: Mars @ Life Orb
      [IMG] [IMG]
      Nature: Jolly
      Gender: Female (Naturally)
      Ivs: 31/31/31/10/16/31
      Evs: 252 spe/ 252 atk/ 6 hp
      Lv: 50


      Finally I am giving you 3 credits to my trade thread absolutely free.:)
    21. Saints Fan
      Saints Fan
      So, hows the elekids coming along?
      Still got the dittos and the other giveaway stuff available to send you.
    22. ankyfdarkness
      Cool. Those elekids should be done soon if you are close to 31s across the board.:)
    23. Cyan-
      Alright bro, no problem...I got bribed some guy from Serebii to do it for me..lol..
    24. ankyfdarkness
      I have to leave now but when I get back if you still need it we can do some Iv battles.
    25. Cyan-
      I've got a couple of elekids...like 12 of them, lol. I have them with both ice punch and cross chop, all I need is to check the IV's over Wifi.
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