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Apr 7, 2014
Dec 9, 2012
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Apr 7, 2014
    1. Halcyon.
      Hey, sorry I took so long to wt back you you (finals and whatnot, oooohhh the college life). I should be free to battle any time today. Again, I'm at GMT -4, so it's 10:33 where I am.
    2. Halcyon.
      Hey! We're opponents in the mini tour. When will you be available to battle? I'm at GMT -4.
    3. zerohero
      yes that is fine sorry for the trouble
    4. zerohero
      is there any way we can change the time for earlier on friday. my job just switch my shift around to work around the time we agreed on. any thing before 7pm on your gmt should be fine
    5. zerohero
      That sounds good to me i will be on PS as zero heros.
    6. zerohero
      well i usually work mornings so i am free 4pm to 10pm all but thursday and i can try thursday morning 10am to 1pm if that helps. (all times in GMT -5)
    7. zerohero
      I should be free all week at night except for Thursday. I'll be on later tonight if u want. I'm GMT - 5
    8. Gouki
      alright i'll check tomorrow then. but can't you play now?
    9. Gouki
      i'm gonna head out for maybe 30 mins, but after that i'll hang around for 3 or 4 hours. if you don't come back today then set a time for tomorrow. i can be free whenever but i DON'T wanna spend all day checking here.
    10. Gouki
      i usually get home around 6 pm gmt-5, so we might have some trouble getting together if you can't play late. are you free this weekend? evenings (your time) are probably best. ciao
    11. Shiny Sparks
      Shiny Sparks
      Can you play now?
    12. ganj4lF
      grazie :)
    13. Shiny Sparks
      Shiny Sparks
      Ok, can January 4, 15 hours (GMT -3) and 19 hours (GMT +1)? ;o
    14. Shiny Sparks
      Shiny Sparks
      The DPP OU Tournament II. We're playing, when are you free? I'm GMT -3
    15. Uomo Solo
      Uomo Solo
      Sei bello sei <3
    16. P H A N T O M
      P H A N T O M
      va bene babbuino <3
    17. Neliel
      grazie bello! ahah sono anche il primo a scriverti :o
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    Italy - Puglia
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