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Jul 25, 2015
Jun 27, 2009
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danoziami was last seen:
Jul 25, 2015
    1. EFerCor
      is there something wrong with the connection?
    2. EFerCor
      cmon bro ur taking too long ive been patient but its just a switch it shouldnt take u so long:/
    3. EFerCor
      Are u there?
    4. Larko
      6v6 50s reduced free battle? (all legal)
    5. Wolfey
      ill battle if you want
    6. Azure Demon
      Azure Demon
      I had fun beside getting the fuck haxed out of me 5 crits pissed me off.
    7. ludicolo
      OK my HG FC is 3094-9265-6423
    8. ludicolo
      Ok i think i can can check your SId because your trading to my plat game xD
    9. ludicolo
      that arceus is usles lol its a HM slave
    10. ludicolo
      k im going on now
    11. ludicolo
      i will be on in 5 mins
    12. thedude
      i was really was only talking to deschain, not you. i understand why rules are there (to focus on a team made for competition) but deschain has many rules for the reason that i stated before. i had another argument with him on this subject before. i think its funny that with all his rules that are so precious to him he still doesnt care if he breaks anyone elses. if you talk about this in the battle me room than you have to throw in a request for one so as not to be infracted upon.
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    HeartGold: 1419 8904 2674 (Battle FC)
    Platinum: 1247 5806 6480
    Standard Battle Rules (Clauses) + No Hacks, "Legit" or Otherwise. RNG abuse not considered hack. No Hax Items. Also, Item Clause in effect (no more than one of same item).
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