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Apr 13, 2012
Aug 9, 2008
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Fremont, CA


from Fremont, CA

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Apr 13, 2012
    1. Biosci
      Find me on #vgc and I can give these to you(I see you in that channel as well)
    2. Evan Falco
      Evan Falco
      I meant today at 8 lol
    3. Evan Falco
      Evan Falco
      How about tomorrow at say 8 pm?
    4. Evan Falco
      Evan Falco
      Hey I see we have a battle. When's good for you? Later in the week is better for me :)
    5. Fish
      Oh Bill. Ohhh Bill. Well crap, wasn't looking for that handle. Oh well, I'm at work now until after the deadline. We can battle it out tomrrow afternoon if you want, your team already took the round so whatevs.
    6. Fish
      What name do you use on PO? Haven't seen you on
    7. Fish
      I'll hunt you down then, I'm always logged into IRC as Fish but rarely active, that's the best way to get ahold of me. I'll be around most of the weekend to battle.
    8. Human
      We're against each other for the Smogon VGC 2011 Tournament.
    9. BadIntent
      Yeah, I was pretty sure I was right, but in this video's description http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qmfov3M0LLM, it says that Kusanagi is the 09 Champ. Romanser is fighting Kusanagi in this battle. So yeah, the guy with the Shedinja and Scarfed Metagross in the 2010 video was NOT the 09 Champ.
    10. Negator
      cuz real life > pkm sadly
    11. Negator
      can't you battle now?
    12. Negator
      Dude, we are paired for the L.A. Round2, let me know your time zone and viability
    13. SD_Kabu
      are you ready for the vgc10 battle?
      maybe now?
    14. DukeTheDevil
      o i didnt realize u were danukes, im online also and i dont see you
    15. DukeTheDevil
      Woah,did u use to be someone else?
      i tried to register ur diamond FC and it said i already had it.
    16. DukeTheDevil
      ill need your FC for tommorrow, mine is 0904 3804 2313
    17. DukeTheDevil
      thats sounds great
    18. DukeTheDevil
      by 9:00 i assume u mean pm. if possible could we do it before you leave, if not then i can battle you at 9
    19. DukeTheDevil
      Hey, its me against you in the VGC 2010 tourney. Just tell me when u can battle, im available weekdays after 6 and all of weekends. Those are EST btw.
    20. mattj
      Oh! Ha! yeah! That'll work! :D
    21. mattj
      Yeah, about that, actually, Fridanny was the last I let do that. It's kind of unfair to others. Just keep checking my thread every now and then. Not to get your hopes up, but as long as I counted correctly, I should get it this time.
    22. DaNukes
      Alright sounds good, but I was wondering, in the same way FriDanny claimed some pokemon to train could I claim your kyogre?
    23. mattj
      Thank you so much for training for me. You did a great job. :) Get back with me later if you want to trade anything else. I'm gonna get back to this Kyogre...
    24. mattj
      Perfect timing! I JUUUUUST got done with this round of working on the RNG for Kyogre (still off, but I'm close). I'll see you right on.
    25. mattj
      Oh, and if you want it NN'd that wouldn't be a problem, but you'd have to wait to get your NN'd copy back till I finish Kyogre (hopefully tonight).
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