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  • Heheh yup it has a hat too, it just looks cool XD Im done wit hPC i cant stand it there like yesterday i saw someone trading hacks and i said take them off your thread there hacked and after going through this whole long process they finally got smacked in the face with 100% proof and then i show the mods and they dont do anything its messed up............ Did you see the Regi's I caught?
    31/31/31/7/31/31 Carefull Registeel
    31/31/31/7/31/31 Carefull Regirock
    31/24/31/30/31/31 Calm Regice
    Now im going to catch a
    31/31/31/X/31/31 Adamant Regigigas :3
    lol yeah i dont really like PC anymore the people there get to much leeway man. like if they get caught hacking they just basically smack them on the wrist and say "ok dnt do that again please" then let them out again and they do the exact same thing
    Haha i see im being talked about alot over here :P Congrats on your RNG Abuses :D Get a few more and you'll be able to open up a Shop and trade with other RNG Abusers XD
    i get other people to do it for me xD
    but with vitamins + poweritems + pkrs its really easy
    most definatlely not the last 3 just call me pintor or painter they are the same thing if you translate it xD
    lol well i think im gonna transfer all my stuff yto plat first
    and before that i have to finish my sinno dex on plat xD
    lol read my convo with ckn and you will know why i havent already ;)
    that and extreme layiness xD
    really? thanks :D. see ya on i guess.

    BTW congrats for the perfect modest eevee xD
    hehe i will do that. btw is something else you want for the venusaur? i want it for the underdog league gym
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