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  • Welcome to the disconnect hall of shame dashparr7

    You must love the thrill of disconnecting you disconnecting scumbag.
    GG! I really didn't expect to win at all, good job. But why did we get disconnected? I thought it was going on Youtube :(

    Anyways, it was fun. Thanks for the battle ^_^
    FYI: My pokemon are completely legit. Metagross had an Agility and an attack boost from Meteor Mash. There is nothing wrong with my pokemon, I did even legit pokesav them like many other people do. These were obtained the old fashioned way (hard work and RNG). You just aren't good at battling yet. I know how to use this team very well. Sorry, but thems the shakes!
    Holy!! Metagross survived Super Power with 6 HP!! I think I would have won. For future referance, you should finish battles. Otherwise you will get blacklisted/banned etc. I won't report anything since you're new.

    Good luck with your life here on Smogon! If you need anything feel free to ask me :D
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