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Dave Italia
Last Activity:
Dec 23, 2014
Aug 1, 2012
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Calabria, Italy.

Dave Italia

from Calabria, Italy.

Dave Italia was last seen:
Dec 23, 2014
    1. Double01
      we have to fite for farm league. I'm gmt -5 when can you play?
    2. SoulWind
      we gotta play for once upon a team r3, we have the same timzone.. whaen do u wanna battle?
    3. Subject 18
      Subject 18
      Hey Dave, how soon can you have the Ferrothorn preview up? A rough W.I.P would be enough. If you can have it up by tonight that would be great otherwise I'll have to reassign it.
    4. TheSweeper
      max dmg is 69% against dragonite, so shut up. And the crit against starmie didnt mattered, because i would´ve picked you up with ice shard. ah and you haxed cune out of the way. So start thinking before crying about "hax" (there was obviously none lol)
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    Calabria, Italy.
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    Favorite Pokémon:
    My Characteristic:
    Good perseverance
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